Born today, you are optimistic, eager and always willing to lend a hand when you feel your assistance or contribution will be valuable to the recipient. You aren’t the kind to jump into new situations without learning all you can about them; you are not a daredevil, and you will not throw ca… Read More ⇒

By Max Hastings. (Harper Perennial, $22.99.) Hastings, a British journalist and military historian who reported on the war, chronicles the conflict and its staggering destruction, excoriating both sides for corruption and inhumanity. The United States, he argues, failed most egregiously in n… Read More ⇒

Born today, you are a strong-willed, ambitious and highly committed individual, and you are often quite willing to do what others are not to achieve the success you so desire. Yes, you will bend and even break the rules at times, but more significantly you will, when you can, make the rules … Read More ⇒

It’s been nearly a decade since my husband died, but every detail of the day remains etched in my mind as if it was yesterday. I remember the call that came from the hospice facility at 2 a.m., then talking to the funeral parlor that was to retrieve his body and transfer it to the medical ce… Read More ⇒

In the kitchen, I think tools generally fall into two categories: must-haves and nice-to-haves. Must-haves possess wide appeal across the board. They’re things it would be hard to do much cooking without — a chef’s knife, skillet, saucepan and a variety of other utilitarian pieces. Nice-to-h… Read More ⇒

Drink too many hard seltzers last night? Fear not, help is on its way. Help that comes in a can. You can now buy bitters and soda in a can from The Bitter Housewife, an artisanal bitters company out of Portland, Ore., available online for easy delivery to your bedside or boat dock. Read More ⇒

By David Treuer. (Riverhead, $17.) Treuer, an Ojibwe novelist and nonfiction author, brings a literary sensibility to this sweeping chronicle. It is, he notes, “adamantly, unashamedly, about Indian life rather than Indian death.” Times reviewer Ned Blackhawk called it “an informed, moving an… Read More ⇒