Q: I own a 2005 Corvette in southern Nevada and never drive the car when it’s above 110 F. I am afraid I could damage the car because the coolant temperature can reach 218 to 220 degrees in stop-and-go traffic. I think that is too high but I’m not an expert. At outside temperatures below 100… Read More ⇒

If you’ve watched “The Vow,” the HBO docuseries following disaffected members of NXIVM, as they extricate themselves from the alleged cult and speak out against its leader, Keith Raniere, then you might be wondering how seemingly intelligent people got involved in such a dubious operation. Read More ⇒

Over the years I have written about my daughter Verena’s brain concussion and the almost seven years that she had post-concussion syndrome. I also wrote about our children who have limb girdle type 2 muscular dystrophy. Readers have asked why my daughters use mobility scooters. Here is Veren… Read More ⇒

Next week’s COVID-19 Halloween may be the scariest yet! Let’s not sugar coat the potential dangers of going house to house eating candy handled by people outside your social bubble. Conversely, why risk being treated to more than a ghoulish costume when little spooks come tricking? Halloween… Read More ⇒