For more than a week now, our screens have been flooded with footage of cops shooting rubber bullets at reporters, driving police vehicles into crowds of protesters, detaining essential workers exempt from curfews, macing a 9-year-old child, shoving elderly people to the ground and, of cours… Read More ⇒

FULTON — May has come and gone. Poetry in April, Monologue May-nia in May and now June is here at the Arts Center. By now we would have premiered Children of Eden and Frozen Jr. onstage. Our homeschool classes of art, pottery and cooking would have run for eight weeks, and our meet-up groups… Read More ⇒

LOS ANGELES — Some businesses are in the process of reopening. But many people working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic may face several additional months of hunching over their laptops at their kitchen tables before heading back into the office. Have you found it difficult … Read More ⇒