A season of new beginnings

Young artists hard at work during Arty Camp 2019. Social distancing and new safety protocols are being discussed for Arty Camp 2020. Announcments about camp will be available through Facebook and by email. To receive an email alert, email Nancy CNYArtsCenter or call 315-598-2787.

FULTON — Spring! What beautiful weather we’ve had lately! I love spring. It is the time of renewal and new beginnings.

For me I love spring because it means I survived another New York winter. I’m a Texas native and married into this gorgeous four season state that came with my Yankee husband. I love three of the four seasons and I tolerate the fourth so spring gives me a feeling of having conquered another year. It’s also the time of year I first met my husband and two of my four kids were born in spring so it’s the beginning of all kinds of wonderful things.

At the Arts Center, we chose our 2020 theatre season theme as New Beginnings based on our new space, new stage, new lights, and the hopeful expectations all of that implies. Who knew that theatre season would be put on hold for the foreseeable future and our region would be looking at a completely different new beginning? Having survived in this pandemic so far is itself a feat!

As the region begins to reopen in phases, some of us are still on hold a few more weeks but we want you to know at the Arts Center we are planning our own new beginning for you when our turn comes. We are included in the State’s Phase 4 group and if all goes well we may be open by July - with continued restrictions for social distancing most likely. This will be a challenge in our intimate space but we are committed to the health and safety of our guests, volunteers, and artistic staff.

So we are looking at creative alternatives to bring art activities and events. We will find a way to celebrate our ninth birthday this summer, and we hope the artists can return to Arts Market on Saturdays. We’re discussing ways to get Arty Camp to the kids and we’re putting all our creative ideas together.

We’re sprucing up the Arts Center this weekend so you will have some treats to see when you drive by. The Arts Center is located at 121 Cayuga St. in downtown Fulton in case you forgot.

In the meantime, we are standing strong because of your support and we appreciate you – our arts partners!

Stay tuned for updates and new events as they are scheduled. We hope you will join us whenever and wherever we turn up!

Stay safe, practice social distancing and keep washing your hands so we can open, stay open, and keep moving forward without any more delays.

And stay well!

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