ADAMS — Nate Matteson said he can hardly draw a stick figure, but now he can create abstract paintings by using a drill and a few shades of paint.

Mr. Matteson said he was recently looking through TikTok, a popular social media app with trendy videos, when he saw artists creating the abstract paintings in just seconds. They would take a blank canvass, dump a balance of different colors on it, then connect a drill to it and spin it. It’s a trend that’s been picking up across the country, so Mr. Matteson — looking for a hobby in the middle of a pandemic — spent about $40 on supplies and got to work.

He’s never been too interested in art. He was always playing sports growing up, and now he studies sports business management at Jefferson Community College. But he has taken a photography course, and he’s always been fond of the abstract. This type of art lends itself to mistakes and experimenting. He might put a few colors on a canvass, spin it and then the canvas falls to the ground. No matter because when this happened, the paint created what looked like glass shattering. Or he might do a fall season piece in which he puts red and orange and spreads the colors out into a sun-shape before spinning it.

“That’s why I like it so much,” he said, “you can just put a little paint here and there and then see what happens.”

Now, by promoting his work on Facebook, Mr. Matteson has had multiple people reach out to him inquiring about buying one, which at this point he’s selling for $10.

Adams man knows drill for creating abstract paintings

Nate Matteson uses an electric drill, wood boards, canvas and paints to create abstract art on Tuesday in a quick and messy fashion at his father’s home in Adams. Kara Dry/Watertown Daily Times

“Now I know what I’m getting people for Christmas,” he said.

The trend has been growing over the COVID months, shining a light on the fact that almost everyone can make abstract art.

“It’ll be interesting,” he said. “If it takes hold and does get traction, some of these artists are going to be like ‘Wow, well what have I been doing?’”

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