ALEXANDRIA BAY — Students in grades 7-12 at Alexandria Central School will present “Disney’s High School Musical” at 7 tonight and at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

The cast is comprised of over 40 ACS junior/senior high students, as well as ACS alumni, faculty and staff.

“High School Musical” is based on the 2006 Disney film of the same name. Two sequels followed the original movie. The story centers on two high school juniors from rival cliques: Troy Bolton, captain of the basketball team and Gabriella Montez, a shy transfer student who excels in mathematics and science. Together, they try out for the lead parts in their high school musical, and as a result, divide the school.

The cast of “Disney’s High School Musical” at Alexandria Central School:

Olivia Adsit as Gabriella Montez, Payton Watson as Troy Bolton, Kierstyn Travers as Sharpay Evans, Atlas Hyde as Ryan Evans, Bridget Watson as Taylor McKessie, Drew Hunneyman as Chad Danforth, Angelina Ciarfella as Kelsi Neilson, Kathryn Papin as Martha Cox, Cameron Dishon as Zeke Baylor, Gabs Hoffberg as Jack Scott, Brittany Vinette as Ms. Darbus, Cameron Dishon as Zeke Baylor and Pat Copeland and Kyle Gorman as Coach Bolton.

Jocks: Garrey Ashley, Colton Hall, Faith Watson, Callie Dishon, Kaitlyn White, Maddie Bradley, Grady Symenow and Taydan Jeffers.

Brainiacs: Hinata Kusunoki, Michaela Adsit, Kamryn Beers, Autumn Trickey, Zoey Heacock, Liam Imbrock and Robin Frost.

Thespians: Emma Stine, Faith Watson, Jordis Savage, Kaitlyn White, Michaela Adsit, Kamryn Beers, Jasper Brennan and Asa Reed.

Skaters: Kye Sweetland, Nina Peguerra, Kai Fuentes and Maesin Cook.

Also: Tracey Duclon as Ms. Tenny, Dawn VanCour as the moderator and Miles Kearns as the karaoke disc jockey.

The musical also features the North Country Elite Stallion Cheerleaders, coached by Melissa Briere: Jayden Travers, Megan Gagnon, Sebastian Schermerhorn, Brooke Edus, Gabi Hudson, Annalyse Sinitiere, Tyler Schwedler, Summer Jenks, Keelana Thomas, Mareena Testani, Averie Stillwell, McKenna Autrey, Mille Gamble, Chloe Morgan and Ellyannah Lipinski.

The details

n WHAT: Alexandria Central School presents “Disney’s High School Musical.”

n WHEN/WHERE: 7 p.m. March 9, 10 and 11 at the school’s auditorium, 34 Bolton Ave., Alexandria Bay.

n COST: Tickets are $8. They may be purchased in advance by going to

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