LOWVILLE — A new event is planned for the heart of the Tug Hill forest combining music and hiking, creativity with beauty.

The Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust has joined efforts with Sustain Music and Nature to create the Tug Hill Trail Sessions.

On Aug. 14, the fun will begin at the Fiddler’s Hall of Fame in Osceola with the grounds opening at 11:15 a.m.

The Trail Session will consist of a concert from noon to 2 p.m. followed by an educational hike on the Tug Hill Traverse Trail led by the land trust.

Fiddlers Calab & Sterling will open for the acoustic identical twins, Adam and David Moss, who are known as The Brother Brothers.

The Brother Brothers’ music is considered “indie folk” featuring strong harmonies and acoustic guitars to accentuate lyrical stories.

According to the news release about the event, Grammy-nominated producer Ryan Hadlock, who has worked with the Lumineers and Brandi Carlisle, helped to create their second album, Calla Lily, which has been well-received by indie-world critics.

Fiddlers Sterling Brownell and Caleb Brazie have been playing since they were 8 and 9 years old, respectively. and are involved with the state Fiddlers Association.

Sustain Music and Nature is a non-profit organization that works to harness the music industry to promote the conservation, use and appreciation of public lands, which in turn provides public exposure and opportunities to musicians.

The organization has created a number of Trail Sessions in Colorado and New York this year.

Tug Hill Tomorrow is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing private land owners in the Tug Hill Region opportunities and support to protect their land and be good stewards for their forests, farms. recreation and wild lands. The land trust also offers opportunities for the public to learn and experience the nature and cultural heritage of the region through outings and special programs, like the Trail Sessions.

Tickets for the Trail Session are $5 per person or $10 per family and can be purchased online on the Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust website, www.tughilltomorrowlandtrust.org.

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