What’s this week’s must stream TV?

Jack Whitehall stars in “Clifford.” Paramount Pictures/TNS

Everyone agrees the Big Ticket is the greatest player ever to wear a Minnesota Timberwolves uniform. But even die-hard fans may learn more from this all-star documentary, which Garnett helped produce. It skimps on his personal life, focusing instead on the grit and determination he brought to the court. There’s a lot on how KG grew frustrated with Minnesota management and his parting with Stephon Marbury. But it’s not all trash talk. Garnett gets to show off his wicked sense of humor in a variety of ways, including a hilarious impression of coach Doc Rivers. 9 p.m. Friday, Showtime

‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’

The template for this family comedy seems to be the live-action “Paddington” movies, but where they are inventive and hilarious, this one is formulaic and a little strange. The issue is the title character, who looks less like the cartoon favorite than a pooch dyed the color of a cherry Slurpee. It goes the way these mischievous-pet comedies always go, with cameos from John Cleese, David Alan Grier and Horatio Sanz. On Paramount+ and in theaters

‘Home Sweet Home Alone’

The beloved franchise marches on, this time with a rascally British kid and a few cameos from “Saturday Night Live” veterans (current cast member Mikey Day co-wrote the script). This time out, our abandoned “hero” goes up against a financially strapped couple (Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper) who are way too sweet to be subjected to the little monster’s abuse. It’s fun to watch familiar faces engage in outrageous physical comedy, but this film is no substitute for the 1990 original. Disney+ starting Friday

‘Mayor Pete’

If you followed Pete Buttigieg’s 2019-20 presidential campaign, you won’t find much new in this documentary, and if you didn’t, you probably won’t care. Director Jesse Moss, who made the eye-opening, North Dakota-set “The Overnighters,” seems to have had intimate access to the candidate, with several scenes shot while he’s doing laundry or roaming his house in sweatpants. But we only learn what he chooses to reveal and Moss goes surprisingly easy on Buttigieg’s campaign missteps, particularly those that alienated Black voters. Amazon Prime starting Friday


In this compelling new series, a group of teenage girls stranded in the wilderness resort to behavior that makes the kids from “Lord of the Flies” seem like Cub Scouts. Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci are among the terrific actors playing the adult versions of the survivors, all afraid the world will find out what they did that summer. Be warned: Some of the scenes following a fateful plane crash are awfully icky. 10 p.m. Sunday, Showtime

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