Fulton Chalks the Walk

FULTON — Basketball’s out. Football’s out. Hockey’s out. Working out at the gym? Out. Movies are out. Bars, out. Bowling, out. Musical performances? Out. Even the library’s out.

But chalk. Chalk on a sidewalk, or as Tonya Crisafulli calls it, Chalk the Walk, socially-distanced, creative, and fun for the whole family, this Sunday, May 24, on 60 sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots throughout Fulton for all to see.

“I just saw an opportunity, then thought it would be a great idea for our city,” Crisafulli said.

“We’re up to 60 houses and three senior complexes where we’re going to have some people and some kids social distancing and drawing in front of the senior complexes so the seniors can see it out of their windows. We have one church group that’s going to go to one of the senior complexes, and we’re divvying up some of our judges’ children to head to some of the other complexes. They’re going to draw on the sidewalks and the parking lots around the senior complexes. It was actually the mayor’s idea. It was a great idea. We’re just trying to bring it to them, so that they can enjoy it as well.”

The people from the 60 homes that signed up will be doing their chalk drawings at their own locations, and the judges will travel around the city to see them.

“Of the 60 homes that signed up, not all of them are into competing. We have a bunch of them that just want to be part of it,” said Crisafulli.

“I plan on putting everything on Facebook (https://m.facebook.com/Fultonchalkthewalk/) and our website (www.fultonchalkfest.com),” she continued. “Some people just want us to come around and take a look at their drawings. They’re just in it for the fun.”

Fulton Block Builders is covering the cost of all the chalk through a Pride Grant Crisafulli was awarded. A Pride Grant is “money that Fulton Block Builders allots to people who want to bring back some cultural events,” Crisafulli explained. “We have groups who have taken the Pride Grant to put new sidewalks in front of their homes, they’re using Pride Grants to paint neighbors’ houses. I’m actually part of Fulton Block Builders too, so I knew a good thing when I saw it and jumped right on that.”

And of course, there are no social distancing problems with Chalk the Walk.

“That’s exactly why I put it together this way,” Crisafulli said. “Because families are participating, I have different levels of expertise participating, and different age groups participating. We have whole families that have entered. So, they can get out there on their own driveway, their own sidewalk, their own walkway, and create something really cool, do it as a family, and we’ll come take a look at it.”

And if that’s not enough for you, “We have a bunch of prizes,” she said. “A lot of cool stuff.”

In the city remembered for the slogan we all loved, Tonya Crisafulli’s thinking about Chalk the Walk as a festival with a future.

“In my head,” she said, “this is just the beginning. Next year, I hope that we have a centrally-located area that we can gather and have kind of like an art festival with some food trucks and music. Just build it. Cultural events make a community. So, it’s exciting.

“And any opportunity to bring our people together and bring people to our town, see what a great town it is, it’s a good thing.”

Fulton’s Mayor Deana Michaels certainly agrees.

“It’s a great event, and I think it’s going to be fun, absolutely,” she said. “I’m excited they decided to do something uplifting in the community. It’s things like this that enhance the quality of life in Fulton.”

So, while just about every other sort of event imaginable is out these days, Chalk the Walk is in. Do yourself a favor. Get out and see it.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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