Lowville Academy to stage ‘Guys and Dolls’ for three nights

Lowville students, from left, in a rehearsal scene from “Guys and Dolls,” are Ethan Hall, Carter Green, Alyssa Brower, Matthew McIntosh, Brandon Phelps, Hanna Kelly and Chloe Beem. Suzie Rupert

LOWVILLE — The Lowville Academy and Central School Music Department will present the Musical “Guys and Dolls” at 7 p.m. Thursday and at the same time Friday and Saturday in the high school auditorium.

In a special event related to the show, the LACS music department will present a tribute at Friday’s performance for two outstanding deceased educators at the district. Alumni will be speaking about their former teachers Suzie (Susan) Parker and Millard Chamberlain.

Both educators enriched the lives of students and community by sharing their talents in the arts.

“Guys and Dolls” premiered on Broadway in 1950 and ran for 1,200 shows and several revivals worldwide. A movie, starring Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons, debuted in 1955. The words and music were written by Frank Loesser and the book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows.

The plot, set in the early 1950s, is based on the activities of New York City petty criminals and professional gamblers. Their world also is populated by flashy show girls and racketeers. Lead character Sky Masterson is a gambler who will bet on almost anything.

Nathan Detroit secretly runs an underground gambling circuit for the entertainment of the many gentlemen of New York City but can’t find a place for the game and needs money. He makes a bet with Masterson, a gambler known for his high bidding and amazing luck, and the story proceeds in a series of events, dance numbers and songs, including “Luck Be a Lady,” “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” and “A Woman in Love.”

The main cast of “Guys and Dolls” at Lowville Academy and Central School:

Hannah Kelly as Sarah Brown, Alyssa Brower as Adelaide, Chloe Beehm as Arvide, Kristin Moshier as Gen. Cartwright, Brandon Phelps as Sky Masterson, Matthew McIntosh as Nathan Detroit, Carter Green as Nicely Nicely, Ethan Hall as Benny Southwest, Mason Steria as Rusty Charlie, Cyndie Clark as Allison, Anna Western as Mimi, Erica Jacobsen as Agatha, Aleesia DiLiberto as Martha, Logan Nicol as Big Jule, Elijah Flansburg as Harry the Horse, Geran Zehr as Angie the Ox, Sam Gillette as Joey Biltmore, Jonathan Stacy as Calvin, Trinity Marquis, Olivia King Jane Jenning as The Hot Box Girls and Carly Overton, Grace Rowsam and Madison Uhlinger of the Mission Band.

Chorus members: Jared Beyer, Cole Brooker, Lily Clark, Emma Corbett, Quinn Cummings, Alex Dosztan, Ireland Earl, Katelyn Edick, Anna Exford, Jolene Hall, Nelson Hall, Kendyl Hardy, Nicholas Jones, Caleb Lago, Isaac Lyndaker, Ramsey Metzler, Connor Nicol, Tim Pierce, Mackenzie Ples, Simon Puchy, Maelisa Roggie, Elena Romanciuc, Cobyn Fleming, Taylor Stalker, Jarron Thomas, Kaden Thompson, Kathryn Tuttle, Mikayla VanNest and Sofie Reitena.

In 1974, Mr. Chamberlainm, who died in December, began his duties as the music director at Lowville, where he developed a thriving music program consisting of concert and marching bands as well as the Stage Band which now is called Jazz Ensemble.

Mr. Chamberlain directed the pit bands for several high school musicals using student band members. Often, when the music was not conducive to the student’s ability, he would rewrite scores so that the students would have success playing for the production. He was also the director of the Village Band where he readily encouraged his high school students to join it and play with adult musicians.

Ms. Parker, who died in March of 2018, worked as an elementary school teacher at Jamesville-Dewitt School District, South Lewis and continued her career at Lowville Academy. She spearheaded several educational initiatives at Lowville, including the GERIS Program, a reading improvement program, and the KIDS Program for gifted and talented students where she continued as the teacher and coordinator.

In addition to her teaching duties at LACS, she initiated and instructed a high school class, theater arts, as well as directing many successful musical productions. Her goal as a director, which she readily and repeatedly achieved, was to draw the most out of her students in every capacity.

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