City man to premiere original composition at Nazareth this fall

Ryan McNally, Ogdensburg, at an organ concert in 2020. Photo provided

ROCHESTER — An Ogdensburg Free Academy graduate and a leader of a local band, the Bandroom Band, will be premiering an original composition at Nazareth College this fall.

Ryan McNally, a first year graduate student at Nazareth College, founded the Bandroom Band in 2016. Since then, McNally has been composing original pieces for his band to play along with a piece called, “Sherman’s March.”

“The piece is a symphonic poem which is basically a continuous piece of music that either tells a story or evokes the content of perhaps a book or a poem,” said McNally. “I was inspired by Sherman’s March to the Sea which was a military campaign during the Civil War.”

McNally spent several months in 2020 composing the piece which then won the 2020 Nazareth College Composition Competition.

“I worked on the piece between February and October in 2020,” said McNally. “I submitted my piece to the 7th annual composition competition at the college. That year just happened to be for orchestra.”

“Sherman’s March,” will be performed by Nazareth College Symphony Orchestra on Nov. 5 at 7:30 p.m. in person at Nazareth College in Beston Hall as well as live streamed.

“Some other composers will be having their works done and there will be a vocalist there as well,” said McNally. “It should be a steller concert.”

McNally also noted he feels the premiere of his piece could be a major step in his career as a freelance composer of concert and rock music.

“I just think to finally have such a large scale work put out there is a big thing,” said McNally. “Usually when I premiere a piece I’m usually conducting it or performing it. This is the first time in a decade that I’ve been able to just sit in the audience and watch my piece be performed, it is very exciting.”

The livestream of the event will be available at or McNally’s Facebook page on the day of the event.

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