Central Square, Phoenix, Oswego bands ready for field band competitions

Submitted photoPart of the Oswego High School Buccaneers brass section practices during a previous season.

OSWEGO COUNTY - It’s time again for another New York State Field Band Conference competition season to be underway.

Three field bands in Oswego County participate in the season, which lasts now through the end of October. Bands gather at various shows held throughout the state each Saturday or Sunday to compete for first-place awards.

The end of the season is the New York State Field Band Conference State Championships, to be held Oct. 27 at the Carrier Dome. The top New York state band in each division in the championships wins the coveted Governor’s Cup as the best band in the state in that class.

The first shows of the season are Sept. 7. Oswego, Central Square and Phoenix will all be competing at the show at East Syracuse Minoa High School.

Here is a rundown of the shows to be presented this season by the three Oswego County bands:

Central Square

1) Name of the show — “The Jungle”

2) What is the show about? — Enjoying the journey as you discover the sights and sounds of the jungle. Music for “The Jungle” includes: Africa Ceremony, Song and Ritual - Robert W. Smith; A Zillion Nichels - Samuel Hazo; Elements - Brian Balmages; Invocation and African Dance - Matt Conaway

3) How many musicians in the band? — 53

4) How many in color guard? — 25

5) Drum major — Senior Claire Ames

6) Anything special about this year’s show — There will be some interesting visuals in the show including the props that are going to help enhance the show effect.

7) When and where is your home show — 6 p.m. Oct. 19, Central Square District Stadium - Oct. 19

8) Anything else you want to mention about the upcoming season? — We are looking forward to presenting our show and competing here in NY state, as well as at the Marine Navy Stadium in Annapolis at the end of September.


1) Name of the show — One Giant Leap

2) What is the show about — Our show is a commemoration of the 50 anniversary of the moon landing

3) How many in the color guard? — 16

4) How many musicians in the band? — 74 in the wind and percussion section

5) Drum majors — Senior Daniel Emmons and junior Aidan Thompson as assistant drum major

6) Anything special about this year’s show — We are excited to be able to celebrate one our country’s greatest achievements and tie in our marching band program to a historical event

7) When and where is your home show — The 41st Pageant Of Champions is 7 p.m. Saturday Sept. 21 at Joe Wilber Field


1) Name of your show? — Sweet Dreams

2) What is the show about? — “Sweet Dreams” is a show that explores the line between reality and dreams. Utilizing intense original music, along with the main theme from “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics, this production will leave a lasting impression on the crowd long after the show is over.

3) How many musicians in the band? — 44

4) How many in the color guard? — 15

5) Drum majors — Isabella Stacy, Skyler Patnode, Lily Roberts, Madison Gaca

6) Anything special about this year’s show? — We are exploring the depth of emotions during sleep with this show. We will take you in a journey through all types of dream like states through music, dance (featuring our lead dancer) and drill design.

7) When and where is your home show? Oct. 26 at John C. Birdlebough High School, Phoenix

8) Anything else you want to mention about the upcoming season? — Director John Bird said “This has to be one of the hardest working groups I’ve ever been a part of. We truly have the best students. It’s such a pleasure going to rehearsal and I’m looking forward to kicking off our season at ESM.”

Bands throughout the season are judged by qualified people who are certified by the NYS Federation of Contest judges. A minimum of seven judges adjudicate each weekly field band conference contest with a double panel for the Championship show.

Bands are scored on:

General Effect Visual – 20 points Total

Ensemble Visual – 20 points Total

Field Visual – 10 points Total (20 divided by 2)

General Effect Music – 20 points Total

Ensemble Music – 20 points Total

Field Music – 20 points Total (divided by 2)

A timing and penalty judge also officiates the competition.

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