CANTON — The Remington Arts Festival on Saturday in Canton’s Village Park concluded the monthlong North Country Arts Festival with the work of artists from across the region.

About a dozen vendors showcased their art for sale.

Cassie M. Helman, whose stand was called Somewhere in Time Art, sold hair clips, bookmarks, keychains and earrings, among other novelties, made with real local flowers that she preserves in resin.

“It brings me so much joy and happiness to find the uniqueness in my art and see other people also reciprocate that,” she said. “Bringing joy to people by being here means a lot to me.”

Another artist, Andrew R. Carpino, sold hand-drawn prints and watercolor paint-your-own pages that had an outline you could paint in yourself, through his shop Studio BingoBangoBongo.

“This is my first time out here doing this, so for artists to come out is pretty nice,” he said.

Autumn Bower, at her stand auteyart, sold prints and stickers and is a watercolor artist.

“It’s the first time I’ve done an arts festival like this, so it’s a cool experience to meet other artists showing off what they’re proud of,” she said.

There was woodworking as well, from Katie A. Schuler’s stand, Schuler Woodworks. Ms. Schuler, an art teacher at Parishville-Hopkinton Central, sold cheese plates, cutting boards and earrings, among other woodwork.

“I think it’s fun to be out here,” she said. “This is my second art show. It’s new and exciting to meet new people.”

Live music set the vibe for the festival, with the band LTD and Chaser showcasing the musical side of the arts. The band, composed of vocalist Laura Gilbert, guitarist David Wells, bassist Tim Flack, and keyboardist Joshua Barkley, performed classics “from all over the place,” Mr. Wells said.

Mr. Flack said the festival offered a chance “to share art and all kinds of art, including audio and visual.”

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