We found “iZombie” on Netflix and watched every episode of all four seasons, thoroughly enjoying them. It seems that there were more playing somewhere on a lesser network (CW?). Can you tell me if Netflix will be getting the most recent season?

The CW is airing the fifth and final season of “iZombie,” with the series finale set for Aug. 1. The network’s deal with Netflix puts series on the streaming service eight days after each season ends, so look for “iZombie’s” final season on Aug. 9. By the way,

I don’t think fans of “Riverdale,” “Black Lightning,” “Supergirl” and “iZombie” (among other shows) would call The CW a lesser network, but we’ll let that go for now.

I recorded the sci-fi series “The Expanse” and finally caught up at the end of the third season. I thought they’d done a wonderful job in evolving the story line. Just wondering if they did a fourth season or there are other plans to continue.

After three seasons on Syfy, the series has been picked up for a fourth on Amazon Prime Video. It will arrive sometime this year, although I haven’t seen a specific air date. (You can also find the first three seasons on Amazon now.)

It’s already being reported that the Amazon version will be a bit different, free of the restrictions of commercial television.

Why was the delightful “Life in Pieces” canceled? Is any other network going to pick it up?

The answer to your first question: low ratings, including a decline in the numbers over its four-season run. TVLine reported both the shrinking numbers and that this season it ranked sixth among CBS’s nine sitcoms in total audience — and eighth when you look at the young-adult ratings. I have not yet seen any news of another network or a streaming service picking it up.

Is “Killjoys” coming back? They left us hanging.

The Syfy series will be back for its fifth season July 19. That season is set to be its last.

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