Test your travel savvy with this fact-or-fiction quiz (coronavirus edition)


The travel world is often a collection of wild tales that are too outrageous to be true (passenger being dragged off a plane because he won’t give up his seat, taking nude selfies in front of landmarks). And then there is travel in the time of coronavirus. Which of the following is fact and which is fiction? Answers below, along with what your score means.

1. Fact or fiction?

Most major airlines require you to wear a mask for the entire flight, even if it is 18 hours long.

2. Fact or fiction?

You can take a seven-day Mexican Riviera trip in September on the Carnival Panorama from Long Beach, Calif., starting at $499 a person, double occupancy, excluding taxes and fees.

3. Fact or fiction?

You can book an Alaska cruise on Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth in late August, beginning at $675 a person, double occupancy, excluding all taxes and fees.

4. Fact or fiction?

Low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines said it would leave the middle seat empty if passengers wanted to pay $39 to guarantee it.

5. Fact or fiction?

Low-cost carrier Allegiant is distributing safety kits with gloves, a mask and wipes ... free to all passengers.

6. Fact or fiction?

Some interstate rest-stop bathrooms were closed because thieves were stealing toilet paper.

7. Fact or fiction?

Amtrak is practicing social distancing and is requiring masks for all passengers.

8. Fact or fiction?

All national parks were open for Memorial Day.

9. Fact or fiction?

Buying travel insurance in the time of coronavirus means you’ll get your money back if you cancel your trip.

10. Fact or fiction?

Antibacterial wipes are the most important thing to have in your car on a long road trip.


1. Fact. You may remove your mask to sip a beverage, but otherwise it must remain on.

2. Fiction. The trip starts at $314 a person for the seven-day trip, excluding taxes and fees.

3. Fiction. Cunard canceled its Alaska cruise season.

4. Fact. After an outcry, Frontier said it would leave middle seats empty for free.

5. Fact. Despite the fact that Allegiant is a low-cost carrier.

6. Fact. TP theft has been reported in Nebraska when attendants were not present.

7. Fact. The national passenger railroad is spreading out passengers and requiring facial coverings.

8. Fiction. Some parks are beginning to open, but they are doing so cautiously. Check the National Parks site to see what is open.

9. Fiction. First, coronavirus was declared a “known event” about Jan. 14, so travel insurance purchased after that date means you won’t get your money back if you cancel just because you don’t want to go. Second, cancel-for-any-reason insurance, which would cover a coronavirus cancellation, returns 75% or less of your travel investment.

10. Fiction. Wipes are important, but the most important thing to have in your car is gas.


9-10: You are shrewd. No one will want to play poker with you.

7-8: Your laser-beam attention means if they fool you once, they fool you once.

5-6: You might want to read more, including all sorts of fine print.

3-4: Don’t go car shopping alone.

0-2: Put yourself up for adoption.

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