Q: I would like to get your opinion on noise pollution on our streets and roads. There was a time in my youth when loud pipes on cycles and vehicles were illegal and given citations for modifying exhaust systems. Today loud noise is getting worse and why should a guy with his family sitting … Read More ⇒

Q: A friend of mine never changes the oil in his car. He has gone 70,000 without a change. He claims the oil never wears out. He cites a study of two New York taxi cabs going 40,000 miles each. One had regular oil changes and the other none. Both engines were examined and no wear or tear on … Read More ⇒

Q: I own a 2005 Corvette in southern Nevada and never drive the car when it’s above 110 F. I am afraid I could damage the car because the coolant temperature can reach 218 to 220 degrees in stop-and-go traffic. I think that is too high but I’m not an expert. At outside temperatures below 100… Read More ⇒

Q: With just over 39,000 miles on the car, the clutch went out and we are going to be paying $1,700 for a new clutch. It is not part of the extra insurance coverage we bought from the dealer at the time of purchase because it is not considered part of the drivetrain. I have driven manual tra… Read More ⇒

Q: I have a 2002 Buick Century Limited in excellent condition. I literally bought it two years ago from a little old lady who had only driven it 11,000 miles. It, however, has a vexing problem. The power windows only work occasionally. The rear ones will not go down, the passenger side windo… Read More ⇒

Q: I read the item (about PDF owner’s manuals) with interest. I was in that situation when I bought my 2019 Honda Accord. I wrote to Honda that, when I am on the road and find I need to refer to the manual for example to understand a warning light, I do not want to have to squint at a PDF on… Read More ⇒

Q: I recently purchased a 2020 Chevy Colorado pickup truck. This is the first vehicle I have owned that came with no gas filler cap. As I live on the east coast of Florida where we have hurricanes and rainy seasons, I am concerned about getting moisture in the fuel tank. The owner’s manual d… Read More ⇒

Q: I have had two flat tires this summer. Both from nails. One was a roofing nail and the other was a 2 3/4-inch spike. In both cases only the head of the nail was showing on the tread. How does a nail lying horizontal on the pavement re-position itself, so the point drives itself into the t… Read More ⇒

Q: I have a 2013 Honda Accord Sport sedan. During my last car service it was recommended that I get a CV half shaft replacement. The repair cost $1,173.60. I am having no problems with my car. I am concerned that the dealer is trying to get me to do a repair that is not needed. Read More ⇒

Q: You always say to read the book that spends most of its life in the glove compartment. I do my own basic maintenance on my vehicles and have always relied on the owner’s manual. I recently purchased a 2019 Chrysler 300 from a dealer. The only book in the glove box was a very limited manua… Read More ⇒

Many of us grew up watching hood ornaments bob somewhere near the horizon on the fronts of our parents’ cars. The winged motometer on my dad’s Model T and chrome star on my grandma’s Mercedes were two of my favorites. For decades, hood ornaments identified the beginning of a car and the heig… Read More ⇒

Q: I hit a new traffic paint line and got a boatload of paint under my wheel wells, not just spatter but a lot caked on about ⅛ inch thick, besides some spatter. I tried Goof Off paint remover and regular paint and varnish remover for wood and plastics. Neither one did anything. Any ideas? Read More ⇒

Q: I have a 2011 Mazda Tribute and wanted to change the fuel filter. The manual states that it is in the gas tank and does not need to be changed. I find this strange, so I asked my local mechanic if he knew about this. He looked up gas filters for that model at his supply store and it shows… Read More ⇒

Q: I have two vehicles in Arizona that I had to leave there on March 18. I have not been able to get them due to the virus. When I am able to get them, what type of maintenance should I have done to them? They have been garaged with trickle chargers. Should I have the oil changed and all flu… Read More ⇒