Q: My Honda CR-V makes a loud buzzing noise that is only heard by the receiver of the phone call when it’s connected to the Bluetooth. This sound is not heard by the driver of the car. Any idea on what is causing this? I asked my Honda service person and he said disconnect the phone and reco… Read More ⇒

Q: To the best of my knowledge, in Minnesota it is illegal to use non-oxy gasoline in any vehicle except classic/collector vehicles, off-road, farm, and small engines, etc. If my info is incorrect, I’d love to know, so I can start using non-oxy in my Grand Cherokee. I have a 1963 Principalit… Read More ⇒

Q: I have a 2014 Kia Soul with just over 37,000 miles on it. Yesterday I was backing into my drive and noticed water drops on the concrete. I looked under the car, and they were dripping from somewhere close to the back of the engine. I do not think it was brake fluid, not oil, but suspect i… Read More ⇒

The dog days of summer have officially arrived. But while temperatures are likely to soar higher across much of the country in the coming weeks, mortgage interest rates probably won’t. That’s good news for many buyer candidates and homeowners seeking a purchase loan or refi, of course. Read More ⇒

Q: I recently bought a 2021 Ford F-150 with the center lane control. When driving on a straight road, such as I-94, etc., the light comes on telling me to hold my hands on the steering wheel every few minutes or more often, unless I move the wheel several times a minute. I am 85 years old, a… Read More ⇒

Q: I purchased a 2020 Kia Sportage and have noticed that when I park the vehicle for a short of time, the outside air temp gauge reads very high. Once I start driving the vehicle again, the temp reading starts going down to what I feel is the correct outside temp. From a cold start, the gaug… Read More ⇒

Q: My 2011 Acura MDX with only 83,000 miles does not burn or leak oil. However, when I either make a sharp left turn or sudden stop, the check oil message comes up for a brief instant then goes away. This never happens with any right turn I make or if I stop normally. Any thoughts? Read More ⇒

Q: I hate sticky fingers — especially when my leather covered steering wheel becomes sticky. During the pandemic I discovered that disinfecting wipes did an excellent job of totally removing stickiness with no apparent residue left over. Unfortunately, I have developed an allergic reaction t… Read More ⇒

Q: It should be clarified, in my opinion, that analog AM radio as we currently know it will soon be extinct, but there is an option for stations to convert to digital AM that was recently approved by the FCC. Also, some AM stations are currently using the HD FM format to transmit signals. In… Read More ⇒

Q: After reading today’s column and in light of your ongoing efforts to get people to crack open their owner’s manuals, I thought you might enjoy this story. When I took delivery of a German sports car, the salesman advised me there was no break-in period required and that customers routinel… Read More ⇒