Q: I have a 2020 Subaru Forester and it has something called a “vehicle descent assist” feature, which I’d love to use, but, according to the manual, it is designed to turn off when the vehicle reaches 25 mph, which it does! This makes no sense to me. Any thoughts or suggestions would be gre… Read More ⇒

Acura’s off to a strong start in 2021 with a pair of appealing new vehicles. The sleek and competitively priced TLX sport sedan already breathed new life into the luxury brand’s struggling car business. A strong new version of Acura’s MDX three-row SUV builds on that, making it look like the… Read More ⇒

Cadillac Lyriq. Ford Mustang Mach E. Polestar 2. New, premium electric cars are coming and they will inevitably be compared to Tesla, the baseline for battery-powered success. But to sell in volume, these challengers must also outperform the gas siblings across the showroom floor. Read More ⇒

Q: I enjoy reading your weekly column. Apparently, so much, that while cleaning the basement yesterday, I found four issues of the Chicago Tribune from late 2013. I decided to read your column anyway as the problems may still be applicable. Read More ⇒

Q: What does it mean to buy a certified car? When I got my used 2018 Toyota Camry SE nearly a year ago, they played up the certified car bit, but I found out later that it does not mean anything. I feel this dealer is doing an injustice to their customers. I tried to get that answer from the… Read More ⇒

Q: I bought new a 2018 Mazda6, 4-cylinder turbo. The specs call for semi-synthetic oil. Everyone who I know with auto expertise thinks I should use full synthetic, even a former engineer friend from GM. The tech personnel at my local dealership, including the manager, tell me to follow the s… Read More ⇒

Q: In a recent column you responded to R.W. from Minnetonka, Minn., that he should not need spark plug replacement of the platinum tipped plugs until the manufacturer recommended 60,000 miles. One thing that is often not considered is that over time, the dissimilar metals in the aluminum hea… Read More ⇒

Q: I have a 2002 Lexus ES300 with 185,000 miles on it. Some time ago, the ABS and brake light came on simultaneously. I took it to my local shop who diagnosed a faulty ABS sensor. They said that I did not really need to replace it since it would cost close to the value of the car and that, e… Read More ⇒

Gerry McGovern, chief design officer for Land Rover, knew what he wanted when the time came to redesign the iconic Land Rover Defender, the brand’s oldest vehicle, one whose styling had changed little over the decades. “I wasn’t constantly thinking about the old one and told the team not to … Read More ⇒

Q: I bought a used 2008 Chevy Trailblazer several years ago. It is the right distance above the ground, and I really like it. When I drive for 30 or 40 minutes the voltage on the dash would go down. It still started normally, so I didn’t worry about it. Then, one day, it didn’t start. The to… Read More ⇒

Q: My spouse and I have Subarus and take our cars to the dealership for service. Every time I take my car in for an oil change, they seem to find something else wrong. This multi-point inspection labels all parts/systems as green, yellow or red and encourages you to fix or replace when in th… Read More ⇒

Q: I own a 2018 Honda CRV. Imagine my surprise when I went to the garage and found all the windows and the moon roof totally open. My research showed that when you press the fob a certain way, either accidently or on purpose, this happens. Imagine finding your car filled with water or snow. … Read More ⇒

Q: I would like to get your opinion on noise pollution on our streets and roads. There was a time in my youth when loud pipes on cycles and vehicles were illegal and given citations for modifying exhaust systems. Today loud noise is getting worse and why should a guy with his family sitting … Read More ⇒

Q: A friend of mine never changes the oil in his car. He has gone 70,000 without a change. He claims the oil never wears out. He cites a study of two New York taxi cabs going 40,000 miles each. One had regular oil changes and the other none. Both engines were examined and no wear or tear on … Read More ⇒

Q: I own a 2005 Corvette in southern Nevada and never drive the car when it’s above 110 F. I am afraid I could damage the car because the coolant temperature can reach 218 to 220 degrees in stop-and-go traffic. I think that is too high but I’m not an expert. At outside temperatures below 100… Read More ⇒

Q: With just over 39,000 miles on the car, the clutch went out and we are going to be paying $1,700 for a new clutch. It is not part of the extra insurance coverage we bought from the dealer at the time of purchase because it is not considered part of the drivetrain. I have driven manual tra… Read More ⇒

Q: I have a 2002 Buick Century Limited in excellent condition. I literally bought it two years ago from a little old lady who had only driven it 11,000 miles. It, however, has a vexing problem. The power windows only work occasionally. The rear ones will not go down, the passenger side windo… Read More ⇒