Auto mechanic shortage prompts hiring call from AutoNation

Today’s mechanics must be proficient with computer diagnostics and use of tools, but experts say there are fewer young people entering the field, creating a shortage of mechanics .

AutoNation, the country’s largest automobile retailer, is putting out a nationwide call to hire more than 500 service technicians for its service and collision centers.

The Fort Lauderdale-based company is seeking to avoid effects of an auto mechanic shortage that grows worse as baby boomers retire from the profession.

Today’s mechanics must be proficient with computer diagnostics and use of tools. But with unemployment at historic lows, analysts say fewer young people are entering the profession for reasons ranging from the dirty, hands-on work environment to uncertain paths for advancement.

Auto mechanic shortage prompts hiring call from AutoNation

AutoNation says it is willing to pay workers to serve as mechanic apprentices.

AutoNation says it’s willing to pay workers to serve as apprentices. It offers opportunities for continuing education, access to state-of-the-art tools and technology that might be otherwise unaffordable, and “a clear career path with ample opportunity for advancement” for both part-time and full-time employees, according to a recent news release.

The company, which has sold 12 million vehicles at more than 325 retail locations, also offers health insurance, paid vacation, maternity leave and signing/referral bonuses. Other benefits include a flexible scheduling policy and employee discounts on vehicle purchases.

“There is a tremendous career path for automotive service technicians as the rapid pace of advancements in vehicle technology continues,” said Scott Arnold, the company’s executive vice president of customer care and brand extensions. “This is a great opportunity for tech school grads, men, women, veterans, those just out of the military and anyone who is willing to invest in the training in order to make a career change.”

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the auto industry will have to hire 76,000 new auto technicians each year to fill vacancies created by retirements and workers who switch careers.

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