By Megan Abbott. (Back Bay, $16.99.) Two scientists, high school friends who have become nemeses but work in the same lab, face off in this thriller. The twisty plot turns on the dark impulses lurking in female bonds and the lethal stress of a dysfunctional workplace. Times reviewer Ruth War… Read More ⇒

By Matt Haig. (Penguin, $16.) When readers meet Tom Hazard, the protagonist of this novel, he’s headed for his 440th birthday, and because of a medical condition can expect to live well into his 900s. He wonders about his daughter, who has the same condition, but he has lost track of her and… Read More ⇒

By Aidan Truhen. (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard, $16.95.) When his elderly neighbor is killed, things start to go south for Jack Price, the slick cocaine dealer at the heart of this thriller. The book is “brilliant, a latticework of barbed jokes and subtle observations and inventive misbehavior… Read More ⇒