David Nevling, Watertown, has self-published the science-fiction novel, “Redemption: Book One: Seeking Absolution” through Dorrance Publishing.

It concerns a princess from a distant planet who teams up with a man from Earth for a dangerous mission.

A synopsis provided by the author: “Princess Karia is sick of life on her home planet, Galvor Prime. When the time comes to tour the galaxy, the Princess is more than willing to leave her pampered life for adventure. But life outside of one’s planet isn’t always fun and games. Danger lurks close by, closer than she or her father, the Emperor, knows.

Alex Becket, a soldier on planet Earth, doesn’t know it, but he’s about to embark on one of the most dangerous and ambitious missions of his life.”

Mr. Nevling is an active duty soldier with the U.S. Army, with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. His wife, Samantha, is also an active duty soldier and they have a son.

“Redemption” is $18 and is available at bookstore.dorrancepublishing.com and other online sites.

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Jim Burton, Pulaski, has self-published, through RoseDog Books, a memoir about “a man who once worked for the mafia, did some insider trading and also became an art dealer.”

The book, “Life in the Fast Lane,” contains humorous stories about Mr. Burton’s life.

A book description provided by the publisher: “The law set him up and planted things to put Burton away. He was put in jail for years without a break or trial and he still beat them.”

“Life in the Fast Lane” is $18. It’s available at rosedogbookstore.com and other online sites.

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Pascal R. Politano, Constableville, has self-published, through AuthorHouse, the book, “A Sharp Seasoning of Truth,” is a 596-page collection of political and sociological essays intended to “illuminate the entire stage of national socio-political activity, including its direction.”

Included are his thoughts on past political leaders, the ineffectuality of President Trump, the high cost of the military, the rising threat of war with North Korea, “abhorrent” sexuality, the support of big business by media and government and “the deterioration and impovershment of the morals and culture of the United States.”

“A Sharp Seasoning of Truth” is $42.99 for hardcover, $28.99 for softcover and $3.99 for Kindle. It is available online at wdt.me/politano and Amazon.

Compiled by Times staff writers Chris Brock and Julie Abbass.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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