Grammy Award-winning and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Graham Nash is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the timeless song “Our House” with a just-released illustrated children’s book.

Lovingly illustrated with 30 original and inspired works by esteemed art director, graphic designer and illustrator Hugh Syme, “Our House” brings to life the joyful emotions of Nash’s song “Our House.” The book conjures the warm feelings we all share in our hearts about a loving and caring home.

Appropriate for all ages, “Our House” is at once a beautifully illustrated children’s book and a magical visual journey for readers of all ages, especially the millions of people around the world who embraced the song as their own.

“Our House” also contains a newly recorded version by Nash of the classic song, punctuating the book’s images and allowing for timeless and fun singalongs with the book.

“This beautiful rendering of the song that Hugh (Syme) has created in this book is the very sentiment I hoped to convey when I first wrote the song 50 years ago,” said Nash.

“I dedicate this book to families everywhere around the world. House and home are essential for people to be able to feel safe and secure.”

The actual house, Nash explains, was a house he shared with Joni Mitchell. “The house we lived in was very small, but it was our home, the place we lived our lives day to day. Songs are sometimes created from the most ordinary moments.”

The book is being published by Backbeat Kids, the musician’s children’s book division of Rowman & Press. is the lifestyle destination for book lovers, where articles and books are paired together to create dynamic content that goes beyond traditional book reviews.

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