Morristown native Jackie Woodside has been named a USA TODAY bestselling author.

Woodside, alongside other entrepreneurs, worked to create, “Younger Self Letters: How Successful Leaders and Entrepreneurs Turned Trials into Triumph (And Use Them to Your Advantage).”

“Basically it’s for entrepreneurs and leaders to look back over their career and call out bits of wisdom from the difficult times,” said Woodside. “We all go through hard times and in general the hard times are turning points, we learn, we grow, we become stronger.”

In the book, Woodside shares her life experiences and beliefs, focusing on the principle of not believing everything you think.

“If we take the wisdom and apply it in a positive way to our future, the hard times really make life better,” said Woodside. “If you take the hard times and the bitter pill, you make your life much worse. This story shows how people took the hard times in life and used them for growth and new possibilities.”

The book was released on June 18, making the USA Today bestseller list a week later.

“We all have a desire for success,” said Woodside. “This accomplishment to me means I’m reaching more and more people with my message and that I’m fulfilling my mission.”

Woodside noted she did not expect to be placed on the USA Today bestseller list but made it one of her goals.

“It was certainly a goal,” said Woodside. “I wasn’t expecting it but it was a goal and I felt positive about it. I took a lot of actions to help make it happen. I was committed to doing all I could to make it happen.”

“Younger Self Letters” is Woodside’s fourth book, all were written at her summer camp on the St. Lawrence River.

“I love the North Country,” said Woodside. “I think my roots in the North Country gave me a particular value in community. Everyone’s win is your win. Everyone’s loss and tragedy is your loss and tragedy. Seeing people rise up to support my family in really difficult times gave me a real value for relationships, wanting to make a positive difference, and being a positive community member.”

Woodside also offers professional coaching for those who want to feel greater clarity, happiness, and success in life. More information on Woodside or any of her books can be found at

“I think a lot of people, especially after the pandemic, are looking for interwisdon on how to get through difficult times,” said Woodside. “It’s a time in our history where a lot of people are suffering. I think the theme of trials to triumph is something that people are looking for and how to develop a greater sense of inner strength.”

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