Most of the problems today’s parents are experiencing in the course of raising children are due to a faulty “parent-view.” Just as one’s worldview consists of attitudes, values and expectations concerning the world and his or her place in it, a person’s parent-view is primarily constituted o… Read More ⇒

Do you want to feel more full and satisfied when you eat? Who doesn’t? Isn’t that part of the joy of eating? A recent study outlined in Food & Nutrition Magazine (Vol. 10, Issue 4) indicated that people who ate more whole grains had less hunger and desire to eat, plus higher fullness and… Read More ⇒

Q: I’m already dreading the holidays. Our 8-year-old is a very excitable child and our family is expected to attend numerous holiday get-togethers at the homes of family members. When he’s included in events where there’s lots of excitement and anticipation in the air, he has a reputation fo… Read More ⇒

We have entered the month of August and the sun is shining this morning as I sit writing at the desk. I am by the east window, but the wraparound porch keeps the sun from shining in the windows. It makes nice sleeping with the cool evenings. Read More ⇒