I have come up with a new psychological diagnosis, one that I won’t, however, be submitting for approval to the powers that be: simply, odd. My “odd” is to be distinguished from ODD, the acronym for oppositional defiant disorder, an invention that enables mental health professionals to obtai… Read More ⇒

Schools may be closed, but what’s unfolding in homes across America is the furthest thing from vacation. Despite stay-at-home orders designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, most school-age children are expected to keep up with their classwork. That leaves thei… Read More ⇒

GoUSA TV has unveiled its spring lineup that will allow people to travel through the U.S. from the comfort of their own homes while they self-quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. The new content includes three original shows — “Trails & Trailblazers,” “California Pop” and “Lucky i… Read More ⇒

One website is titled “How to Cope with Kids During Coronavirus.” Another, featuring a staged photo of an obviously frazzled mom with a toddler on her lap, tells the reader that “Parents are losing their minds having kids at home during coronavirus!” There’s yet another, advising on “How to … Read More ⇒

For some reason today, my nerves have been a bit more on edge. Maybe it’s due to the constant noise from my newest young co-workers. Or maybe it’s the constant news I can’t seem to tear myself away from. I’m also worried about family members with health problems or who work in the medical field. Read More ⇒