It’s been nearly a decade since my husband died, but every detail of the day remains etched in my mind as if it was yesterday. I remember the call that came from the hospice facility at 2 a.m., then talking to the funeral parlor that was to retrieve his body and transfer it to the medical ce… Read More ⇒

Q: Our 7-year-old son recently stole two small model cars from a playmate while he was at the playmate’s house. Apparently, he wanted to trade one of his toys for the two cars, but the playmate refused, so he stole them. When we found them, he claimed his friend had given them to him. We abs… Read More ⇒

Seasonal affective disorder, and the slightly less debilitating version, which psychologists call the winter blues, are forms of depression that are tied to the winter season. An estimated 10 million Americans struggle with full-blown SAD, and another 10% to 20% are believed to suffer from l… Read More ⇒

Q: My normally happy 6-year-old son has recently started incorporating death and war-like games into his imaginative play. He isn’t and has never been a mean-spirited child, but his dad and I just divorced (amicably), and I feel like he’s having trouble dealing with it. For example, he has s… Read More ⇒

It makes sense that dying trees have terminal bud scars. Sounds like an awful condition — my condolences. But the healthiest trees have them, too (terminal scars, not condolences). It’s a good thing, since terminal bud scars provide an excellent way to leaf through a tree’s health records go… Read More ⇒

As we celebrated my granddaughter’s third birthday this summer, I made the following rough calculation: I’d trekked from my home in New Jersey to her New York City apartment roughly 150 times to provide once-a-week day care, plus other times as needed. Read More ⇒

My 17-year-old son routinely walks to Chipotle, about a mile away. He cuts lawns in the neighborhood, eliminating a commute to his summer job. When he goes out socially, he rides with friends or takes Uber. He was registered for driver’s education last summer, but had a scheduling conflict w… Read More ⇒

Proving, once again, that fact is stranger by far than fiction, a grandmother recently asked me what she should do about her daughter-in-law who, despite her husband’s increasingly meek objections, is determined to do everything possible to turn the first grandchild, a 3-year-old girl, into … Read More ⇒

College is meant to be a learning experience. For some, it’s the first time they’re leaving the nest for an extended period of time. Despite how often your kids may have insisted they’re adults over the past few years, most quickly realize there are many things they don’t really know how to … Read More ⇒