How to stop the tantrums

Some toddlers, by their third birthdays, have developed fairly good emotional control, and some have not. Dreamstime/TNS

Q: When we reprimand our 34-month-old daughter for something, anything, she begins to wail like we’re beating her. Whether we firmly redirect or simply say, “No,” she begins to wail like a banshee. The wail is piercingly loud, like a full-blown tantrum. She has now started screaming if one of us even looks disapprovingly at her. Shouldn’t she have outgrown this by now? Why is she doing this and what can we do to stop it?

A: I have no idea why your daughter is wailing like a banshee when you correct her, other than to say she has not yet learned to control her toddler nature, which is what growing up is all about.

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