Don’t protest the protest too much

Older 2s and 3s are very imaginative and experimental, writes family psychologist John Rosemond. Dreamstime/TNS

Q: My almost-3-year-old, when I begin to do something, will yell, “I WILL DO IT!” When it’s something he can do, fine, but if it’s not, then I just say, “No, Mommy will do it” and that’s the end of it. He also tells me, probably 10 times a day, “No nap, Mommy! No nap!” When it’s nap time, however, he goes upstairs and gets in his little bed without a fight. Finally, when I tell him to do something, he’ll say, “Ummmm, no.” But then he turns right around and obeys. Should I make an issue of any of this?

A: Not unless you want to begin creating a problem where one does not currently exist. Concerning your son’s harmless little displays of chutzpah, your great-grandmother would have said “Leave well enough alone,” and when it comes to children, your great-grandmother is my role model.

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