MINNEAPOLIS — Sarah Kieffer began her professional baking career at coffee shops in Winona, Minn., and the Twin Cities, a livelihood that eventually led this former English major to blogging, which in turn created a 2016 cookbook, “The Vanilla Bean Baking Book.” Read More ⇒

Several years ago, my partner and I spent a month in San Antonio, where his family lives. We were both unemployed at the time, so we spent the days driving around the city, exploring and eating all the wonderful food. We consumed a lot of chili. Read More ⇒

Last weekend was spent burning a few huge piles of brush to much smaller piles of ash consequently helping clear a field. As the flames licked the wood it gave up its energy and water. I kept thinking about food — and not just s’mores. Cooking is so routine as to be habitual. What we rarely … Read More ⇒