The Callimachus Lodge 369 and Phoenix Elizabeth Chapter O.E.S. fish dinners that are held every Friday until April 10 at the Phoenix Masonic Lodge, 451 Main St., Phoenix have been canceled. There will not be take out dinners available at the Phoenix Masonic Lodge tonight or for the remainder… Read More ⇒

LOS ANGELES — The first day I met Jenn Harris, my LAfriedchickenqueen colleague, I promised to take her to my favorite fried chicken shop in L.A. Broaster Kitchen in Montebello is my go-to for shatteringly crisp chicken. The secret to its chicken — which Harris and I ate for a recent episode… Read More ⇒

PHOENIX - Morning is coming earlier again, but it’s still dark as the Thomas family readies their restaurant for the breakfast crowd they draw. Bill gets the grill ready while wife Fran makes sure the tables are clean and set. Their daughter Tabetha, who will float between waiting tables and… Read More ⇒

Every Sunday, I bake a slew of breakfast goods for my kids to eat all week. They need to be delicious from day one and still taste good by Friday, be at least a little nutritious and not make a mess in the car. This sweet potato bread — imagine a pumpkin bread but way better — has emerged as… Read More ⇒

Last winter I had a dreadful cold. The type of cold that seems to never end. The type of cold where your body aches, your head throbs, you can’t ever seem to rid your nose of mucus and a restful night of sleep seems impossible. The type of cold where leaving the house is the last thing you’d… Read More ⇒

Colorado food blogger Tieghan Gerard grew up in a big family, with six siblings. At 13, she began helping her dad prepare dinner, and within a few months she had taken over the cooking duties full time. She soon started creating her own recipes, and at 19 she learned photography and started … Read More ⇒

Benjamina Ebuehi grew up in a Nigerian family in London, and her interest in cooking began when her mother bought her a child’s baking book. As she continued to learn and work her way through other cookbooks, she says it was always the chapters on cakes that interested her the most. She bega… Read More ⇒