The ground-beef case is getting more crowded these days, with grocery stores across the country overflowing with plant-based options that are textured, packaged and displayed just like their cow-dependent predecessors. And this isn’t just your hippie aunt’s stuff: High-tech fiddling with veg… Read More ⇒

Like many ingredient-obsessed cooks, I hit the farmers’ market once or twice a week. I eat my Brussels sprouts and squash in October, my asparagus and rhubarb in June, and not a whole lot beyond potatoes and onions in February. Fresh, local and organic is my kitchen mantra. Read More ⇒

To live a year in Meike Peters’ life! In “365” (Prestel, $40), Peters, who won a James Beard award for her 2016 book, “Eat in My Kitchen,” offers a meal for every night from January to December. The recipes are largely European in focus (Peters lives in Berlin and Malta), skew seasonal and, … Read More ⇒

Though it’s one of the most beloved slogans in American advertising, “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” never rang quite true to me. The pleasure of M&M’s comes from their texture when you crunch on them: hard candy shell, soft chocolate mantle, surprise nuts or peanut butter in the… Read More ⇒

Grilled cheese is elemental. All you need is the right cheese (I like Gruyere or sharp cheddar), the right bread (I go for a soft sandwich bread), a little butter and a pan, and you’re on the way to a quick, simple, satisfying meal. Or at least the main thrust of one, rounded out by good old… Read More ⇒

It is a truth universally acknowledged that umlauts scare away American wine lovers. For whatever reason, bottles with labels bearing those diacritical points, floating above terms like spätlese or grapes called spätburgunder or müller-thurgau or places named Würzburg or Württemberg, are a t… Read More ⇒

At the annual American Cheese Society Judging and Competition held this month in Richmond, Va., the award for “Best of Show” went to Stockinghall by Murray’s Cheese, a cow’s milk clothbound cheddar — made for Murray’s by Cornell University and Old Chatham Creamery in Chatham, Columbia County… Read More ⇒

Some cookbook authors have earned my complete trust, and Amy Chaplin is one of them. I’ve never made a thing I didn’t love from her stunning first book, 2014’s “At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen,” and have recommended it countless times. So I knew that when the Australian teacher, consultant… Read More ⇒

Broccoli stands up beautifully to the bold flavors of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, chile and scallion in this stir-fry. As always, fried rice is best made with cold leftover rice. Make sure to organize your prep in advance, setting up your bowls of ingredients next to the stove, as this goes v… Read More ⇒

The tastes of Tennessee are much more than its iconic confectionary delights of Goo Goo Clusters and Moon Pies and the savory taste of Bush’s Baked Beans, all of which originated and are made in the Volunteer State. A Southern meal is a special thing, and finding unique places with great pla… Read More ⇒