Glaze is not just for doughnuts. This delightfully sweet coating has it all: a short ingredient list, a simple, foolproof method and a unique ability to give anything it touches a look that’s as beautiful as it is delicious. Made in a variety of colors and used to create different decorative… Read More ⇒

Here are five wines worthy of gracing your table at Thanksgiving or anytime. The emphasis here is on food-friendly wines that pair well with a variety of flavors. So think pinot noir, rosé, riesling, zinfandel and, of course, bubbles. Rankings: three stars: exceptional; two stars: excellent;… Read More ⇒

New Jersey food blogger Nikki Marie learned to cook in her Italian grandmother’s kitchen. She was taught about the importance of using locally sourced products and seasonal produce. And, she says, “there is a constant ingredient threaded through my life that is still very prominent on my fam… Read More ⇒

In the kitchen, I think tools generally fall into two categories: must-haves and nice-to-haves. Must-haves possess wide appeal across the board. They’re things it would be hard to do much cooking without — a chef’s knife, skillet, saucepan and a variety of other utilitarian pieces. Nice-to-h… Read More ⇒

Drink too many hard seltzers last night? Fear not, help is on its way. Help that comes in a can. You can now buy bitters and soda in a can from The Bitter Housewife, an artisanal bitters company out of Portland, Ore., available online for easy delivery to your bedside or boat dock. Read More ⇒

San Francisco restaurateurs Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz may have been ahead of their time with their environmentally minded restaurant. The Perennial, which closed in February after three years of business in the city’s challenging Mid-Market neighborhood, tried to tackle climate chang… Read More ⇒

A semi-viral Facebook post from a Pennsylvania police department has become the latest example of an exhausting Halloween tradition: The spread of super-scary — but largely unfounded — warnings about poisoned Halloween candy. Read More ⇒

Consider the pizza box. Not a specific pizza box, because they all pretty much look the same, but all the pizza boxes you might have encountered anytime in the last half century or so. They’re probably some combination of red, white and green, and maybe feature an Italian-looking chef with a… Read More ⇒

It’s been a couple of weeks since I had my last farmers market peach, and the transition always feels like a bit of a bummer. But my disappointment is lessened knowing pear season is ramping up. While buying any type of pears I could get my hands on for the photo above, I sampled my first Se… Read More ⇒

Robin Mather of the Chicago Tribune offers the following recipes using pears. She is a longtime food journalist and the author of “The Feast Nearby,” a collection of essays and recipes from a year of eating locally on a budget. Follow her as she writes her third book at Read More ⇒

Around a month ago, when the “Sexy Mr. Rogers” costume began circulating on social media, I started thinking grimly about a theme for this year’s Halloween drinks. “Burn it all down”? “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”? Read More ⇒