FDA renders its decision on food expiration date labels

pexelsThe FDA issued its ruling on food expiration dates Thursday, favoring the ‘best if used by’ designation.

The Food and Drug Administration weighed in Thursday on a question that Americans have struggled with for years: Is it OK to eat that recently excavated item from your fridge past the date stamped on the label?

Until now, the answer was it depends. Food product makers used a confusing array of more than 50 descriptions on grocery items: “use before,” “sell by,” “expires on.”

Industry and advocates agreed that was confusing for consumers — and a driver of food waste, with people tossing food that was perfectly safe to eat.

Current date labels on packaged foods aren’t user-friendly, Frank Yiannas, the FDA’s deputy commissioner for food policy and response, said in a phone interview Wednesday.

It is hard for consumers to be sure whether the food was safe to eat, or whether it would just taste better before the date on the label. Sometimes the date on the label was “best sold by” — and not “best used by” — but still it was sent glugging into the sink as soon as that date rolled around.

So the FDA on Thursday said it favored a single designation to guide consumers when they opened the cupboard or fridge door: “Best if used by.”

The FDA opinion, coming down in support of a designation already in use by industry, does not apply to food safety, only food quality, the agency said.

The FDA opinion is not binding on industry. “Food producers have the liberty to put date labels on foods however they choose,” Yiannas said.

But it puts an important seal of approval on an initiative to streamline date labeling launched by the food industry in 2016.


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