Hochul bill would ban gas stoves only in new builds

Gov. Kathleen Hochul, who wants to remove fossil fuels from buildings to fight climate change, unveiled proposed legislation Wednesday that lays out details and answers a question many have asked: What about cooking with gas?

In short, Hochul’s new bill would ban cooking equipment that uses natural gas or other fossil fuels, but only in new construction. People who already cook with gas could continue to do so indefinitely, even if they have to replace their existing stove someday.

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Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Stupid is as Stupid does. This Governor is one of those. A very Stupid idea as the infrastructure could not handle it along with EV cars and trucks.


State , federal govt run by bunch fools. But I see our former governor is look at new speed boats , don't they run on very fossil fuels him rest of the left don't want normal taxpayers citizens to be using ?

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