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Sometimes food blog posts can become lengthier than the actual recipes and cooking instructions they're meant to share. (Dreamstime/TNS)

Hi, I’m Brandi, and welcome to my food blog, Brandi and Soda!

I started Brandi and Soda because I just love to cook! But more than that, I really love to eat! How convenient is that? Best of all, I get to share all of my most wonderful recipes with you, my lovely readers!

I am super-excited to tell you all about this new dish that I made. I am not exaggerating when I say it is the single-best food I have ever eaten in my life. If you ask me, I deserve the Nobel Cooking Award for developing it, and I can’t believe how easy it is!

I promise you, this one recipe will change your life.

You probably want to know what it is, right? Well, don’t worry because I promise I’ll tell you!

I was in the middle of a long day of Instagramming yesterday when my hubbo called me from his work in the emergency room to say he was super-hungry. We cooed and giggled and even flirted a little. That’s the way to keep your marriage happy, am I right? My hubbo is the best hubbo ever, and I’m a lucky gal to have him.

So we were chatting for what seemed like hours, and it must have seemed like a long time to the patients, too, because I kept hearing that droning sound that lets you know that someone has flatlined. Finally, I promised my DH that I was going to make something for him that he was really going to love.

Even so, I didn’t know how special it was going to be. I love it when I surprise myself!

Don’t worry. I’m going to get to the recipe really super-quick! But I can’t talk about my hubbo without being reminded of how adorable my kiddos are.

At the very same moment my distracted hubbo was neglecting his patients, my kiddos were running around the house and getting underfoot. I know I almost yelled at them when they broke the jade Quianlong vase that I was using to prop up the kitchen table, but whenever they look at me with those big innocent eyes I just can’t help myself but melt into a little simpering puddle of goo.

I was still on the phone with my sexy hubbo when Kiddo No. 1, Yossarian (he’s 8), started a small fire in the living room.

Adorable, right? I love that kid!

Anyway, the twins, Brie and Stilton (both 6), were too busy hitting that annoying neighbor child Winston in the basement to help him put out the flames. So I’m afraid the couch got a little scorched and a couple of the drapes (Sorry! Window treatments!) and a significant portion of the carpet.

I just love my rambunctious rapscallions so much. They’re such a handful!

When I finally came into the living room, I couldn’t help but laugh. It all became a big, hilarious mess when my Coton de Tulear, Mr. Waffles, started rolling around in the charred section and turned his fluffy white fur black, apparently forever.

I left the kiddos poking at the increasingly irritated doggo and went back into the kitchen to cook the most wonderful dish I have ever made. Remember that recipe? This is a blog post about that recipe.

The first thing I did was to haul out my Hack-n-Slash™ food processor. I use my Hack-n-Slash™ food processor for just about everything I cook, whether it needs it or not. That’s because the Hack-n-Slash™ company pays me a ludicrous amount of money to mention their products as often as possible (you can click on the link to the side to buy it — I couldn’t live without mine!).

Next, I brought out some of my favorite ingredients. Honey — we all need a little sweetening our lives, am I right? Fresh thyme — oh, how I love the pungent flavor of thyme! Cinnamon sticks — my beloved cinnamon, how I adore thee! They looked so totally gorgeous sitting on my counter that I had to take seven pictures and share them with you.

Oh, no! The Fire Marshal is here to talk to me. I guess I’ll just have to tell all of you lovely people about the best dish I’ve ever cooked the next time!

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