Rensselaer Falls store has oasis of food offerings in rural setting

Oxxshire Creamery and Specialty Foods has added a new building, top right, to the grounds in Rensselaer Falls as part of a multi-phase expansion project. Christopher Lenney/Watertown Daily Times

RENSSELAER FALLS — Did you know that about 40% of all domestic food production in the United States goes to waste? Or that there are no laws in New York state governing the use of expiration dates on food products?

“The more we learn about the food industry, the more crazy it is,” said Jonathan Cole, owner of Oxxshire Creamery.

He and his wife, Kimberly Regetz-Cole, migrated to Rensselaer Falls from Jefferson County about eight years ago to open a bulk cheese shop. During that time, they partnered with a local supplier of Little Debbie for re-sale, which is the practice of re-selling products that original suppliers deem undesirable — often for absurd reasons. For instance, sometimes the cost of simply handling produce is more than the cost of throwing it away, explained Mr. Cole.

Customers started asking what else they could get their hands on for re-sale, and that is when Oxxshire Creamery started to grow.

“When we started, we had two freezers,” said Mr. Cole. “It kept growing, and eventually we needed to build a warehouse dedicated to this type of food.

“Now,” he added, “we have 16 freezers.”

People came from all over to purchase their re-sale food items. But demand quickly outgrew their location in Rensselaer Falls.

“We ended up getting this truck we had modified to put four freezers on,” Mr. Cole said.

This way, he said, they were able to host food auctions in farther away places, as well as start doing deliveries and attending farmers markets across the north country.

Now, Oxxshire Creamery is partnering with the North Country Store in Philadelphia to get re-sale food items into the Watertown area.

Oxxshire’s mobile food truck will be at the North Country Store from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday to showcase and sell a small selection of food from June’s store stock.

“We’re there to introduce this new category of food consumption to new people, and inform them about the food system,” he said.

Once a month, people can order re-sale food cases from Oxxshire to be picked up at the North Country Store. The deadline to place an order for this month is Thursday, July 22, and deliveries occur a week after the deadline.

Mr. Cole said that, “We’re still a cheese store, we age cheese, but this opened up a window to see what kind of food is being wasted and to help people.”

“I’m happy to be able to offer this service to Jefferson County,” he said, “and it’s the first step of many.”

In order to view the catalogue of items for this month or place an order, visit the Facebook page Oxxshire Creamery and Specialty Foods, or visit their website

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