Starbucks wants us to drink pink

WASHINGTON POSTDragonfruit is the new buzzy ingredient in quasi-health foods, appreciated more for its novelty than its taste.

Pink is having a moment again thanks to a new trendy fruit. The Starbucks Dragon Drink is a bright bubble gum pink, the color of the Barbie Dreamhouse. It is not exactly the same shade as the ruddy pink peel of dragonfruit (also called pitaya), a tropical fruit grown in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia, but that doesn’t matter.

This is a drink that exists for Instagram, but still, it’s kind of good. The Dragon Drink is caffeinated — it contains green coffee, a tea-like drink made from unroasted coffee beans. There’s also mango flavoring, white grape juice, pieces of dehydrated dragonfruit and a lot of sugar. The drink can be made with or without coconut milk.

So go ahead and drink pink.


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