Study concludes: For price, don’t count on small pizzas


Think again before you order a small pizza. The folks at Groupon analyzed data from 230 plain, specialty and one-topping pizzas from six national chains to find the best value.

Their conclusion is that you should “never, ever, buy the small pizza.”

They calculated the surface area of the standard diameter of pizza measurement to determine the best price. Pizza prices from six of the largest national pizza places — Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Casey’s, Papa Murphy’s and Little Caesars — were factored in. The average price for two to three slices of a 14-inch pizza came out to about $5 per person.

Groupon gave huge kudos to Little Caesars for having just one size, a 14-inch pizza. They singled out Little Caesars, calling them “...far and away the most cost-effective pizza chain out there.”

Key findings gleaned from Groupon’s pizza survey:

n A 16-inch pizza is actually 2½ times more food than a 10-inch pizza. Price-wise, instead of spending $19.23, you’d be spending $32.76 on average on the small pizzas to equal the large. That’s a price increase of 70% for the same amount of pizza.

n It’s better to split toppings across larger pizzas than to order multiple small pizzas: An extra large pizza costs only about $4.50 per person, but a small will run you an average of $8 per person.

n Papa John’s was the most expensive, compared to its pizza peers, but it had the steepest drop from its smallest pie to its largest. A small went from $8.70 per person to $5.83 per person for an extra large — a 32.9% discount.

Check out Groupon’s report at

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