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WATERTOWN — As a way to kick start the new year, an anonymous donor has paid for 1,000 pizzas to be handed-out on State Street on New Year’s Day — for free.

Chris Carroll, the supervisor of the Little Caesars stores in Watertown and Evans Mills, said the donation is meant to offer good luck heading into 2021 after a complicated and drawn-out 2020.

The donor, who’s a Watertown resident and wishes to remain anonymous, paid for 1,000 pizzas at $6 each, coming out to roughly $6,000.

Little Caesars is paying for the labor, he said.

The pizza store at 426 State St., will begin giving-out the free pies at about 11 a.m. on Friday and continue until they run out.

“It will be very hard if we get a huge rush,” Mr. Carroll said. “It’ll be rough on us, but we’ll keep the pizzas flowing all day until we’re out of them.”

He said this isn’t the first time this particular donor has paid for pizzas to be given out, with the most recent example being back in the fall when they did a two-day giveaway.

“He’s very generous,” Mr. Carroll said. “He just wants to do something nice, and it’s good for the community.”

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What a noble gesture


Agreed... a positive start to 2021...

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