When I’m standing outdoors in the depths of winter, I try to imagine what it’s like now, at the end of a hot summer. This isn’t to get the blood flowing in January — it’s a way of enduring the cold and reminding myself how much more bearable it is than the heat. Read More ⇒

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — The ranch-style house perched in a quiet Los Angeles suburb is almost as famous as the White House. Its memorable frontage served as the picture-perfect image of the home of the six Brady kids from the popular sitcom “The Brady Bunch.” Read More ⇒

A big advantage for buyers of newly built homes is the opportunity to own something no one else has lived in — a brand-new property. You’re the first person to use the oven or take a shower in the property. You’re also free from worrying about repair bills and home improvement projects. Read More ⇒

This time of year, my oven becomes a secret closet for unused pots and pans.It remains cold and dormant through most of the month. Why would I heat up, dirty and spend unwanted time inside when I can cook outside nursing my little grill while enjoying the porch. Grilling can bring out the be… Read More ⇒

If you’re tired of hearing about new invasive forest pests, I’m right there with you. Seems like they arrive at an ever-increasing pace, and the harm potential ratchets up with each newcomer. At this rate maybe we’ll get some wood-boring beetle whose larvae explode inside the tree. That woul… Read More ⇒

It was covered in tiny brown spots, a little soft, fragrant, bordering on smelly, and the fruit flies were ready to fight me for it — my perfect bananas. The alternative to a banana snack was to chuck it in the compost pile. That, in my book of chintziness, would be wasteful. Read More ⇒

We have entered the month of August and the sun is shining this morning as I sit writing at the desk. I am by the east window, but the wraparound porch keeps the sun from shining in the windows. It makes nice sleeping with the cool evenings. Read More ⇒

In the beginning, there were inflatable waterfowl. Then came the doughnuts, the Pegasus floats and the novelty coffins. Children have drifted out to sea and across lakes on them. They have terrorized highways, carried by the wind. And last year, on Fish Lake in Chicago County, Minn., a group… Read More ⇒

Not only does it form the basis of the aquatic food web, algae can put a lid on bovine burps. It is also made into a substitute for fossil fuels and is a heathy and tasty food supplement for humans. But in late summer and early fall, some algae can spread toxins through freshwater lakes and … Read More ⇒

Life seemed as it should for all of us gardeners and horticultural gurus. We loved Big Begonias, Whopper Begonias and Tophat that had just introduced white. Shoot, we still had Dragon Wing at the throne when it came to hanging baskets. Then something happened in the space-time continuum of b… Read More ⇒

You don’t have to binge-watch classic movies to know that when a starlet wanted to “slip into something more comfortable,” she often stepped behind a decorative folding screen before shedding her clothes. As her dress inevitably flew over the top of the room divider, you couldn’t help but th… Read More ⇒

June is National Dairy Month and, if you live in the north country, you will know that is something to celebrate. Dairy is a significant and important industry, it generates substantial local business, pays a huge share of school and property taxes, helps maintain our rural landscape and bes… Read More ⇒