Tens of millions of homes nationwide will soon come up for sale as baby boomers slowly release their 46 million homes, worth $13.5 trillion, according to Fannie Mae data. “Baby boomers hold a significant share of aging housing stock, and many of them are getting ready to transition out of it… Read More ⇒

HARTFORD, Conn. — Earlier this year, lifelong Plainville, Conn., resident Gary Vincent planted eight giant pumpkin seeds in an unfenced, uncovered garden plot owned by Plainville’s Our Lady of Mercy Church. Vincent, 70, began growing giant pumpkins in 1981 after his wife brought home five se… Read More ⇒

Labor Day weekend is upon us and perhaps you would like to head to the mountains, hike on the Appalachian Trail or lay on a white-sand beach — but love for your mixed containers trumps everything. The solution to this recurring dilemma? AquaPots. Read More ⇒

LOS ANGELES — Ron Finley — the self-proclaimed “Gangsta Gardener” — carries his persona like a shield. He’s this tall dude with hemp Patagonia pants and a slightly silver goatee who seems pretty laid-back until you’re close enough to read the keep-your-distance tension in his eyes. Read More ⇒