I recently had a week of vacation with no plans, no schedule and nothing I HAD to do. There is power in this for adults and kids alike — especially with the year we have had. One might think we have had “nothing to do” for a whole year, but that was not the case for our minds, which have bee… Read More ⇒

Hospital-level care at home — some of it provided over the internet — is poised to grow after more than a decade as a niche offering, boosted both by hospitals eager to ease overcrowding during the pandemic and growing interest by insurers who want to slow health care spending. But a host of… Read More ⇒

Spring is in full swing, and many people have been planting and tending to their gardens. Plants and flowers are beautiful, but they can be lethal to our four-legged friends. With a little extra planning, your garden can be fun for you and safe for your dog. Read More ⇒

Mortgage servicers took their sweet time last spring advising customers affected by the pandemic about their right to hit the pause button on making payments with no documentation required, and no penalty charged to get back on track. Read More ⇒

I’ve never been fond of buzzwords. “Organic,” “natural” and “sustainable” lost their foothold in reality decades ago when they were co-opted as marketing labels. Corporate buzzwords, cynical and empty, are often buzz-phrases anyway: “whole-systems thinking,” “trickle down,” “customer journey.” Read More ⇒

The answer given when the mayor asked a friend of mine in the nursery industry how best to improve the image of the small but growing city? “Plant flowers.” You might think this would be the obvious answer from someone in the greenhouse industry as they would stand to benefit from this beaut… Read More ⇒

Are you in the market for fresh, delicious food? The Jefferson County Local Food guide (in print or found at (ccejefferson.org/local-foods) points you to the freshest and best tasting food — grown and produced by your neighbors. Shop at the locations listed and help keep your food dollars ci… Read More ⇒

It’s time to pen this column again and words seem hard to come to my mind. Today four months ago is when our dear son-in-law Mose lost his battle to the injuries from the accident. It has been harder for daughter Susan as time goes on. I am sure anyone who has been through this can agree wit… Read More ⇒

It is just after 5 a.m., and my husband Joe and sons Benjamin, 21, and Joseph, 18, have all left for another day’s work. Daughter Lovina, 16, will be leaving in a half hour for her job. That leaves just me and Loretta. Daughter Verena is still staying with daughter Susan and children. Son Ke… Read More ⇒

Mortgage rates were historically low for most of 2020, but as the pandemic recovery gathers steam, that is changing. Rates have mostly been climbing in 2021, and that trend is likely to continue through the year as more folks get vaccinated and back to work. Read More ⇒

It’s the last day of March. The rain during the night brought colder temperatures this morning. Friday will be Good Friday so everyone will be off work. Sunday is Easter — we give thanks to our dear Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross so we can be saved from our sins. We have so many b… Read More ⇒