Americans have been showing their colors a lot since the coronavirus showed up as a special and surely unwanted spring guest. Just as red, white and blue stirs the heart and sends a message as Old Glory hangs from the door, your flowers can echo the theme throughout the landscape. Read More ⇒

Spring is only a week away, and as the temperature warms, many people are motivated to embark on annual spring-cleaning rituals. After several months of living with doors and windows closed, both dust and possessions have accumulated in our homes, and now is the perfect time to try to reduce… Read More ⇒

LOS ANGELES — After nearly three decades, Joe Mantegna is calling it quits in the Toluca Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. The veteran actor, whose myriad credits include “Three Amigos,” “The Godfather Part III” and “Criminal Minds,” has listed his Tudor-style haunt for $4.195 million. Read More ⇒

Flavored ice treats such as the popsicle and its plastic-sheathed cousin the freeze-pop have been around since the 1920s, but until recently the selections have been less than bold; mainly fruits, with maybe a watermelon ice-pop here and there. But Canada and the northern US have some daring… Read More ⇒

Where is my head today? Have you ever heard that phrase? Have you ever experienced one day where you clearly whip through a basic math problem and other days where you struggle to make change for a dollar? Some days you are a rolling encyclopedia and other days you can’t drum up your neighbo… Read More ⇒

It is two in the afternoon and you are dying for a nap. Just a twinkling of shut-eye, a quick snooze, a few minutes resting your chin on your chest and, hopefully, you will feel better. But NO, you are at work and your boss frowns on work-time siestas. Read More ⇒

LOS ANGELES — NBA star and Long Beach native Russell Westbrook is still looking to score a sale in the Beverly Hills Post Office area. His modern home, which he bought from TV personality Scott Disick four years ago, has come back on the market for $5.35 million. Read More ⇒

It happens in every family. We don’t talk about it. We try to raise our children so they will make good decisions. We give them the support they need. Maybe it is the stress of the holidays that makes it worse but you probably saw it at the holiday table this week: Food neophobia. Read More ⇒