Life seemed as it should for all of us gardeners and horticultural gurus. We loved Big Begonias, Whopper Begonias and Tophat that had just introduced white. Shoot, we still had Dragon Wing at the throne when it came to hanging baskets. Then something happened in the space-time continuum of b… Read More ⇒

You don’t have to binge-watch classic movies to know that when a starlet wanted to “slip into something more comfortable,” she often stepped behind a decorative folding screen before shedding her clothes. As her dress inevitably flew over the top of the room divider, you couldn’t help but th… Read More ⇒

June is National Dairy Month and, if you live in the north country, you will know that is something to celebrate. Dairy is a significant and important industry, it generates substantial local business, pays a huge share of school and property taxes, helps maintain our rural landscape and bes… Read More ⇒

Some immigrants continue to be persecuted, even if they can trace their roots to the first Mayflower voyage. The non-native dandelion does not get the esteem it deserves as a plucky immigrant that colonized a new land, or as a vitamin-packed culinary delight, or as a multi-purpose herbal remedy. Read More ⇒

When you think about it, landscape trees have a rough life. Firstly they don’t get to choose their neighborhood, whether good, bad or indifferent. Depending where they are planted, they may need to contend with helpful watering by territorial dogs, materials-testing by energetic kids, entang… Read More ⇒

Before gardening for pollinators and wildlife habitats became fashionable, the National Wildlife Federation presciently encouraged homeowners to create gardens that provided sustenance and shelter to all manner of creatures. Read More ⇒

For a new-bathroom feel without the hassle of a full remodel, Jasmine Morvay, an interior designer in Ottawa, Ontario, has a few ideas: Install a glass door or change the shower curtain, paint wall tiles, paint cabinets, replace mirrors, replace light fixtures, and add plants. One of her fav… Read More ⇒

Rockin’ salvias are living up to that name in Georgia. I have never claimed to be a marketing guru but the name Rockin’ for a salvia caught me as strange. Then again, who am I to instruct Proven Winners one of the most successful plant groups in the history of horticulture. Read More ⇒