Q: A resident of our community is a hoarder and does not maintain his home. We are concerned that the condition of his home will attract pests and cause other problems. The association’s management company sent him letters, but nothing came of it, and the problem is getting worse. Can anythi… Read More ⇒

As my beautiful, friendly, and fun-loving yellow lab, Abby, has gotten older and our walks have gotten shorter and nonexistent on some days, I’ve realized how much I’ve enjoyed those end-caps to my days over the last almost 12 years. Walking is good for us (pets and humans alike) for many re… Read More ⇒

What are round-ish, mostly orange and commonly found in October on front porches or near entryways? Obviously the answer is Harmonia axyridis, aka the multicolored Asian lady beetle or lady bug. This insect, although beneficial to gardens, is no treat when it gathers by the hundreds on your … Read More ⇒

Do you want to feel more full and satisfied when you eat? Who doesn’t? Isn’t that part of the joy of eating? A recent study outlined in Food & Nutrition Magazine (Vol. 10, Issue 4) indicated that people who ate more whole grains had less hunger and desire to eat, plus higher fullness and… Read More ⇒

Panicle hydrangeas, or Hydrangea paniculata varieties, have skyrocketed in popularity, largely thanks to producers that have given us more varieties than we could have ever imagined. The Garden Guy is here to tell you the panicle partnerships for the landscape are only limited by your imagination. Read More ⇒

The Garden Guy is boldly going into August with geraniums blazing. I could also say I am going into August with Boldly geraniums blazing. It wasn’t too long ago that August and geraniums in the South would have been the definition of a garden oxymoron. Boldly geraniums have changed all that. Read More ⇒

It’s normal to tune out all the Chicken Littles (such as yours truly) who run around squawking about this or that invasive forest pest or disease that pose a threat to trees. I mean, how many times can the sky fall, anyway? But the real danger is when we feel so overwhelmed that we throw up … Read More ⇒

With their marvelous interpretive-dance routines, complex social life and delicious honey, honey bees are widely respected, but they’re anything but sweet to wild pollinators. In fact, a surfeit of honey bees is a big threat to our native bees and butterflies. Read More ⇒