Make the great outdoors even greater with cool gadgets to make life easier so you can further enjoy all of summer’s awesomeness.

Yes, we know that you may get outside to get away from technology, but items like a Wi-Fi barbecue thermometer means you can check on dinner without having to step away from your guests. A robot lawnmower will quietly cut the grass so you can get more hammock time.

Three favorites, shown in the breakout boxes with this article, the I, Robot lawnmower, the Coolest cooler and the Alfa 4 Pizze Copper Top Wood Fired Oven,

Trap and quietly kill mosquitoes and more, up to one acre, with the Dynatrap insect trap. The trap uses UV light and produces carbon dioxide (the same gas we emit when we exhale) to attract the pests, and sucks them up with a quiet vacuum. Pesticide and odor free, $189,

Lynx Grill’s sleek SmartGrill is an internet-connected gas grill that automatically cooks foods based on user preference. Smart grillers can use their smart device or voice commands to find recipes and cook perfectly with Trident infrared burners, similar to what professional chefs use. $7,119,

Want the incredible flavor of wood-fired BBQ, but the ease of technology? Traeger Grills new Pro 780 lets consumers control their grill’s temperature remotely. The WiFIRE technology means a faster startup time and keeps temperatures constant. The app also comes with recipes. $800,

Maverick’s Wi-Fi digital thermometer lets you monitor your food from anywhere via their app. Comes with two meat probes and is water-resistant. $129.99,

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