Dear Aggie, Why should I get a home energy assessment/audit?


A home energy assessment is like a doctor’s checkup for your house.

Cracks around your windows and doors are a large contributor to heat loss to the outside air. Did you know that the average home has leaks that add up to the size of a basketball? That’s the equivalency of leaving a window open in the dead of winter. As a result, you are likely paying more on your monthly energy bill to heat your home than you have to.

Sealing cracks and adding insulation to your home can significantly cut down on the amount of energy required to heat and cool your household each year and as a result save you money. If you are struggling to keep your house warm and comfortable, sealing cracks around windows and doors and adding insulation to your home will significantly improve the comfortability of your home.

So how can you determine which areas of your home need the most improvement? With the help of specialized equipment, a contractor can pinpoint the areas that are costing you the most money and recommend solutions. Home energy assessments are free to all New York state residents regardless of income. To schedule a free home energy assessment with a participating contractor, contact Kathryn Ripstein, community energy educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County at 315-787-8450 ext. 232 or visit NYSERDA at

In addition to a home energy assessment, income-eligible New Yorkers may also qualify for state incentives, rebates and low interest loans that can be applied to energy improvements. Improvements can include adding insulation to basements, walls and attics, sealing cracks around windows and doors, replacing old and inefficient appliance such as refrigerators and replacing broken furnaces.

For an income-eligible household, state and federal incentives can cover from 50 to 100% of the cost of home energy improvements through NYSERDA’s Empower or Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star programs. To find out if you are eligible to participate in one of NYSERDAs programs and to receive application assistance please contact Kathryn Ripstein at 315-787-8450 ext. 232.

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