We have received an invitation to an event where the suggested dress code is smart casual. This has thrown us into a tizzy, prompting us to ask a lot of dumb questions about smart casual. Read More ⇒

Facebook has been toying with plans for Instagram for children, declaring it would be a “parent-controlled experience” allowing kids to keep up with friends. Just the “experience” every busy parent is clamoring for, another online arena to monitor. Read More ⇒

Love a good travel hack? You’ll catch a bunch of short, easy-to-replicate tips on the social media platform TikTok. TikTok’s fun videos explain how to navigate your way through luxe travel on the cheap. There are tricks you didn’t know you could use, websites you didn’t know existed, things … Read More ⇒

A health savings account, or HSA, allows anyone with a qualifying high-deductible health plan to set aside pretax funds to pay for approved medical expenses. Your money is held by a qualified HSA trustee (typically a bank, credit union or similar entity) to be used to pay for, or reimburse y… Read More ⇒

TUPPER LAKE — The Wild Center, at 45 Museum Drive, reopens today after a monthlong closure for spring cleaning. As a continued commitment to the health and safety of visitors, staff and the wider community, the nature-based science center will operate as an outdoor-only experience for now. I… Read More ⇒

Today a friend said, “What a difference a good night’s sleep makes.” What an absolutely true statement. I adore sleep. When my daughter was a baby, I always said how thankful I was to be blessed with a “sleeper.” Even though she is now 25, I can still tell when she is overtired. Read More ⇒

The latest version of the global World Happiness Report, which is based on Gallup surveys that ask regular people in more than 90 countries to weigh in on various “life evaluation” measures, ranked the United States as the 19th happiest country in 2020. Read More ⇒

She is 5 years old, skipping across the parking lot with a paper map squeezed beneath her arm and against her body like it is a top-secret document. She shakes wild curly hair out of her face and reminds the group she has the map the park ranger handed us on entry to the state park. She shou… Read More ⇒