My brother-in-law passed away six months ago, and my mother-in-law, “Grace,” is understandably grief-stricken. My husband and son have been very supportive of her. My father-in-law passed away nine years ago. I have tried to be supportive as well, but Grace and I have always had a contentiou… Read More ⇒

My brother, “Kevin,” came out at the age of 30. Now, 20 years later, I have a son who would like to stay with my brother for a few months while working a job nearby. We have never discussed that Kevin is gay. I had no idea when he came out to me. No one ever asked me about it other than my m… Read More ⇒

Sometimes when my husband has been drinking, he does things I consider inappropriate with his cousin and childhood friend “Jasper.” The most recent incident involved my husband pulling down his pants and showing Jasper his private parts. Later that night he tried to grab Jasper’s crotch. Read More ⇒

Toby Walsh, a professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, is one of Australia’s leading experts on artificial intelligence. He and other experts have released a report outlining the promises, and ethical pitfalls, of the country’s embrace of AI. Read More ⇒

Recently, I met with family members to clean the granite gravestones of our ancestors. We scraped off surface mold and scrubbed with stiff brushes and anti-mildew detergent. The graves look much better. But we were stymied at trying to remove dark stains that seem to have become part of the … Read More ⇒

I’m a middle-aged woman who has survived a 30-year toxic relationship with a covert narcissist. I am now blessed to be able to divorce him and get therapy for his emotional abuse. I have six amazing grown children. I’m also a sophomore in college and have a part-time job. This is the first t… Read More ⇒

Think enduring the chaos that is the toy department on Black Friday to find great deals is tough? Try the back-to-school section in August. Parents must navigate crowded aisles, dig through overflowing bins and employ every negotiating skill to avoid meltdowns when that sought-after Spider M… Read More ⇒

I have worked at a smallish company (about 100 employees) for six years. Only one other employee has ever taken maternity leave there. Earlier this year, I was thrilled to find I was expecting. I was working on a list of transition items when I unexpectedly went into labor eight weeks early … Read More ⇒

WASHINGTON — It’s a balmy spring evening, and the patio in front of Lyman’s Tavern in in Washington, D.C., is deserted. Inside, people hover around a row of pinball machines: Attack From Mars, Star Wars, Eight Ball Deluxe, Red and Ted’s Road Show. The mechanical sounds of the games mix with … Read More ⇒

We recently discovered that our 12-year-old has been visiting pornography sites of all sorts on the internet. When we caught him red-handed, he began crying and said he is addicted. Apparently, a friend of his got him involved. Our son has assured us it’s not going to happen again, but we re… Read More ⇒

Some of the best horror on television today is in the disclaimers in pharmaceutical commercials. The images are of healthy, happy people doing healthy, happy things as the voice-over reads a long list of possible terrifying side effects of the medication. I’m usually shaking uncontrollably s… Read More ⇒

If you happen to see one, you might not believe your eyes. Let’s say you’re driving along the open road when you start to make out something improbable. You get closer and sure enough: That motorcycle has a sidecar. Closer still, and — holy smoke! — that sidecar has a dog in it! Sporting pro… Read More ⇒

I have never tried psychedelic drugs, but I imagine the experience is a lot like drinking a Starbucks Frappuccino. Strange sensations, unnatural colors, increased heart rate, heightened emotions, paranoia: It’s all there in that plastic cup, the three or four times a year the brand introduce… Read More ⇒

Stacey, a single mother, was getting 30 hours a week when she first started working at a big-box store in the Bay Area, in early 2015. But her hours had grown erratic by the time we interviewed her, a few months later: 20 hours one week, 12 the next, then 12 again, and then only eight. The f… Read More ⇒

Social Security is committed to protecting your personal information. We urge you to always be cautious and to avoid providing sensitive information such as your Social Security number (SSN) or bank account information to unknown people over the phone or internet. Read More ⇒

Samsung Electronics Co. has completed a two-month redesign of the Galaxy Fold to fix embarrassing screen failures that forced its delay, people familiar with the matter say, allowing the Korean giant to debut its marquee smartphone in time for the crucial holiday season. Read More ⇒