Despite pandemic restrictions on gatherings, we are still able to enjoy attending live performances. They are family productions that are affordable (free), convenient (in our own home or backyard) and we don’t have to dress up (slouching clothes are fine). Read More ⇒

If you’ve watched “The Vow,” the HBO docuseries following disaffected members of NXIVM, as they extricate themselves from the alleged cult and speak out against its leader, Keith Raniere, then you might be wondering how seemingly intelligent people got involved in such a dubious operation. Read More ⇒

Over the years I have written about my daughter Verena’s brain concussion and the almost seven years that she had post-concussion syndrome. I also wrote about our children who have limb girdle type 2 muscular dystrophy. Readers have asked why my daughters use mobility scooters. Here is Veren… Read More ⇒

Next week’s COVID-19 Halloween may be the scariest yet! Let’s not sugar coat the potential dangers of going house to house eating candy handled by people outside your social bubble. Conversely, why risk being treated to more than a ghoulish costume when little spooks come tricking? Halloween… Read More ⇒

Months of lockdowns during the pandemic have set the stage for a rethink of where people live, how much they pay — and who provides the housing. Governments took bold actions that simply weren’t on the table before the health crisis, like halting evictions or paying for hotel rooms where the… Read More ⇒

Many RV, travel trailer and camper van manufacturers are refocusing their new-model designs to cater to customers’ shifting priorities, as the COVID-19 pandemic forces people to rethink what their travel plans, work and home lives will look like. Read More ⇒

Deciding how, where and if to travel in the months and year ahead raises many questions for most who ponder the topic. Yet, recent research indicates that travelers are slowly beginning to make plans. If you are among those eager to tap into your wanderlust, here are five ideas to consider: Read More ⇒

Q: My 13-year-old son’s grades and overall respect for me and other adults — teachers, in particular — began going downhill last year (eighth grade), even before the shutdown. He began school this year with the same attitude, if not worse. In response, I have taken away most of his privilege… Read More ⇒

CHICAGO — Without the commute to the office or lunch hours with co-workers thanks to COVID-19, the boundaries of a work day are blurring, leaving employees less sure of when to take breaks or log off at the end of the day. Read More ⇒

If you’re the type of 20-something who wants to take a deep dive into personal finance, God bless. There are plenty of great websites and books to immerse yourself in. But if that is so not you, no worries. You can build a fantastic foundation for financial success by focusing on just three … Read More ⇒