PHILADELPHIA — While the end of the school year is a time for kids to enjoy the outdoors, the coronavirus pandemic has put hopes of summertime fun in doubt. Experts from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) held a virtual town hall on Thursday to discuss what summer activities look lik… Read More ⇒

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — When Marlys Cordes flipped on the light in her daughter’s bedroom, the last thing she expected to hear was a robotic meow. She had no idea how interactive the toy cat responsible, Silver, would be. Read More ⇒

LOS ANGELES — It’s been a rocky road for Sylvester Stallone in La Quinta, but the movie star is trying to knock out a home sale in the resort city once more. His desert digs are back on the market for $3.35 million, or $849,000 less than his original asking price five years ago. Read More ⇒

Q: Now that warm weather is here, I was intrigued by this recent letter from a reader in Corvallis, Ore.: “A few months ago, you wrote that Victoria’s Secret Body Mist called Bombshell seems to repel mosquitos. If I am outdoors at twilight I usually end up with about 50-75 insect bites. Even… Read More ⇒

As the number of COVID-19 cases in the country climbed past 1 million last week, people in Philadelphia and New Jersey were overcrowding beaches and parks, largely ignoring social distancing and masks — apparently proving that many still cannot accept the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic. Read More ⇒

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: With social distancing guidelines in place due to COVID-19, I’ve been working from home for a few weeks, and I can tell it’s already taking a toll on my health. I feel more tired and less motivated to exercise and eat well, even though I have more time for both. What should… Read More ⇒

“My wife and I play this fun game during quarantine,” wrote author Eric Spiegelman in a viral tweet, “it’s called ‘Why Are You Doing It That Way?’ and there are no winners.” Read More ⇒

With COVID-19 grounding flights, emptying hotel rooms and turning popular destinations into ghost towns, this might seem the most futile time to think about frequent flier miles and loyalty points. In mid-March, the U.S. State Department issued a “do not travel” alert for the entire world. T… Read More ⇒

GoUSA TV has unveiled its spring lineup that will allow people to travel through the U.S. from the comfort of their own homes while they self-quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. The new content includes three original shows — “Trails & Trailblazers,” “California Pop” and “Lucky i… Read More ⇒