MADISON, Wis. — It’s tough being a football fanatic in a state besotted with basketball. While I love roundball at my alma mater, the University of Kentucky, my real passion began as a kid watching the Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys slug it out on the gridiron. Read More ⇒

Q: My last name is uncommon and frequently misspelled — almost always in the same way, with two letters inverted. I work as a freelance writer, and when someone on an editorial staff types my name incorrectly into a byline, I only discover the mistake once the story is printed. Not only is i… Read More ⇒

When we asked toy expert Stephanie Oppenheim what the trends are for 2019, some of her answers didn’t surprise us. Coding kits and toys tied to children’s movies seemed obvious. But a few of her answers were unexpected. Unicorns, for example, are found in several toy categories this year, in… Read More ⇒

LOS ANGELES — Kunal Nayyar of “The Big Bang Theory” has bought a home in the historic Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles for $7.5 million. The seller was music attorney Aaron Rosenberg, whose clients include Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber. Read More ⇒

On Halloween, my dog, Bailey, and I will be hiding out in our room, watching the 49ers game, while my sister is posted outside, doling out treats to the visiting goblins. That’s because Bailey is a huge football fan, and second, the constant ringing of the doorbell sends him into barking fits. Read More ⇒