A skunk runs loose in school

A skunk that ran into a North Carolina high school last Friday, forcing students and staff to evacuate due to the smell. “Remaining on campus was not an option,” according to a statement by the school administrators. TNS

A skunk unleashed its obnoxious, overpowering scent in Lake Norman High School in Mooresville, N.C., last Friday morning, forcing everyone to evacuate for the day, parents and school officials said.

“Well, never thought I’d get the call from the high school that they have to dismiss the students early due to a skunk being in the building!” parent Kristin Walsh Thompson posted on Facebook.

“Event of the day!” parents Shawn and Brendon Moore Chapman posted on Facebook. “ ‘Mom come get me there is a SKUNK loose in the school!’ “ Mass exodus of teenagers!”

A skunk “sprayed inside the school, and the resulting odor affected the students and staff,” administrators at the school on Doolie Road near Mooresville said in a statement. All students were safe, “but remaining on campus was not an option,” according to the statement.

Seniors left at 10:45 a.m. and the rest of the student body 10 minutes later, officials said.

The skunk snuck in the back door and sprayed a maintenance worker, Iredell-Statesville Schools spokeswoman Boen Nutting said Saturday.

The smell circulated throughout the school, she said.

Social media lit up with wisecracks and conspiracy theories.

“I think someone let it in!!” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools employee Rusty Lohr-Bice posted on Facebook with two laughing-face emojis.

“Is this a early senior prank!” parent Janelle Margolin Baker posted on Facebook. “Laughed when the call came!”

The skunk’s whereabouts after it did its thing weren’t known.

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