In the 19th century, most north country residents had never seen a tall “skyscraper” building. The few that had were likely to have seen it in New York City, where the first skyscraper reached seven stories in 1870 with the Equitable Life Building, considered by many to be the first skyscraper. Read More ⇒

CENTRAL SQUARE - The Village of Central Square Historical Society will hold a history talk from 1-3 p.m. on Sunday, June 23. The original talk was going to be about Mallory however due to several requests, they will once again discuss Little France. Read More ⇒

Charles “Huckleberry Charlie” Sherman, born on Feb. 15, 1842, in Watertown was a conspicuous figure of the north country, with a reputation that continues to intrigue local historians, including his own chapter in the book, "Colorful Characters of Northern New York" by David Shampine. Read More ⇒