Monday is Columbus Day, which is observed by many Italian-Americans as a day to celebrate their heritage. Since 1966, Watertown officials and members of the Italian-American community have raised the Italian flag at city hall to mark the occasion.

A day when two traditions coincide

American Indians from many tribes gathered at Hogansburg for a weeklong convention in July 1968. From left: Peter Thomas, Mohawk warrior, St. Regis; Mrs. Elizabeth Clute, Mohawk, with daughter Lori; Thomas Porter, Mohawk warrior, St. Regis; Mrs. Ann Jock, Mohawk; Mrs. Edith McCloud, from Walla Walla and Umatrilla tribes; Laura McCloud from Tullalip tribe, state of Washington; Mrs. Janet McCloud, Indian activist Tullalip tribe, state of Washington, and Chairman Clifton Hill, Cree nation, Okmulgee, Okla.

Coinciding with Columbus Day is Indigenous People’s Day, celebrating the cultures of the Native American peoples. Indigenous people have lived in Northern New York for thousands of years and it is still home to the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe in Franklin County.

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This is NOT two traditions colliding. This is one group trying to coop or take over a holiday for their own purposes. If the "indigenous" people want a holiday, let them petition congress to have a separate holiday declared.

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