Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

April 8, 2011: Lewis County legislators on Tuesday voted unanimously to open a record 12 portions of county roads to all-terrain vehicle traffic for Saturday’s eighth annual Snirt Run, extending the annual preseason ATV rally into the southern and eastern parts of the county. With the additional road openings, this weekend’s event will allow riders to go as far as Brantingham and Highmarket. Last year, only four county roads were opened for the rally.

25 years ago

April 8, 1996: One dollar will buy the property on which Ogdensburg intends to build its municipal arena. Owners of the two acres of land on the corner of West River Street and New York Avenue agreed to sell the plot to the city for $1 as long as it is used for public purposes. Money from the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and a fund-raising campaign will help pay for the arena’s construction. The city intends to apply for another grant from the state to pay for landscaping and a parking lot.

50 years ago

April 8, 1971: Students and teachers in Northern New York schools which had been scheduled to have no Easter vacation or only part of one this year will be happy to learn that Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller signed a measure permitting without state aid loss, for the current school year only, 10 days of school closing because of weather factors. Normally only five days are permitted.

75 years ago

April 8, 1946: The Schine Enterprises in this city today announced that a construction company from Canastota is digging a well in the rear of the Olympic theater, facing Franklin street, in an attempt to furnish water for a planned air condition system for the theater. At the present time, a layer of stone is impeding the drilling.

100 years ago

April 8, 1921: Some novel entertainment will be offered at the Clarkson college gymnasium Friday and Saturday evenings at the college bazaar. There will be an electrical booth, an opportunity to listen in on the wireless telephone music by the Tech Glee Club and the Normal orchestra and jitnety dancing at five cents a day.

125 years ago

April 8, 1896: Morris E. Lee, of Cape Vincent, took from the lakes to Europe, the first centreboard schooner that ever crossed the Atlantic. The name of the schooner was Dean Richmond.

150 years ago

April 8, 1871: Mayor Flower desires us to state, that there will be a special meeting of the Common Council this evening, to take into consideration, the interests of Watertown in the proposed railroad from Boston to Lake Ontario. It is proposed to appoint a committee to represent Watertown in a meeting of the directors to be held at Boston next Tuesday.

The world

1789: The U.S. House of Representatives holds its first meeting.

1913: The 17th Amendment is ratified, requiring direct election of senators.

1935: The Works Progress Administration (WPA) is approved by Congress.

1952: President Truman orders the seizure of U.S. steel mills to prevent a strike.

1974: Hank Aaron hits his 715th home run, breaking Babe Ruth’s record.

1975: Frank Robinson of the Cleveland Indians becomes first black manager of a major league baseball team.

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