In 2006 Pluto is downgraded to a dwarf planet when the International Astronomical Union (IAU) redefines “planet.”

Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

Aug. 24, 2009: The W.H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute is creating a Northern New York Dairy Institute. It will offer a series of short courses to help farmers, farm workers, youths and those seeking agricultural employment refresh, improve or learn new skills, earn a certificate of proficiency or be eligible for college credit.

25 years ago

Aug. 24, 1994: All 1,100 parking spaces for staff and students at Jefferson Community College will be available by the end of this week, just in time for the start of classes Monday. The college is coming down to the wire, with construction crews still on much of the campus in an $11 million construction project. Temporary gravel lots will be set up by the beginning of next week for construction crew and work vehicles, so students and workers will not have to compete for parking spots.

50 years ago

Aug. 24, 1969: The original bridge to the downtown section of the Village of Philadelphia has been closed by the County Highway Department for an engineering study because it is thought to be dangerous for vehicular travel. There is a new bridge, built when the state constructed the village bypass road, that people of the area can use to get to any part of the village.

75 years ago

Aug. 24, 1944: The nursery record for new born babies was broken at the Lewis county general hospital Wednesday when the 17th baby was admitted to the nursery. This is the largest number in the nursery since the hospital was opened 14 years ago, the previous record being 16.

100 years ago

Aug. 24, 1919: Two women residing at Pyrites were held for the federal grand jury in Ogdensburg Saturday on charge of removing and destroying a letter placed in an R.F.D. box . Bail was fixed at $400 in each case and the bonds were furnished. It was claimed that the letter was mailed at Canton and that the two women intercepted the communication because one or the other did not want it delivered.

125 years ago

Aug. 24, 1894: W.R. Baker, Watertown, has invented a flushing device for closets which bids fair to revolutionize the plumbing industry. It is a simple appliance, constructed entirely of brass, which is connected to the pottery bowl and does away with the overhead tank, pipes and fittings. Sanitary experts who have examined it pronounce it a success.

150 years ago

Aug. 24, 1869: Nearly sixty acres of land in Henderson and Hounsfield, which had been planted to melons, has been plowed up and sown to buckwheat. Melons, which last year paid a profit of several hundred dollars an acre, are this year a total failure, and there will not be pumpkins enough to make “Thanksgiving pies.”

The world

79: Mount Vesuvius erupts, destroying Pompeii, Stabiae, Herculaneum and other smaller settlements.

1572: Some 50,000 people are put to death in the ‘Massacre of St. Bartholomew’ as Charles IX of France attempts to rid the country of Huguenots.

1780: King Louis XVI abolishes torture as a means to get suspects to confess.

1814: British troops under General Robert Ross capture Washington, D.C., which they set on fire in retaliation for the American burning of the parliament building in York (Toronto), the capital of Upper Canada.

1847: Charlotte Bronte, using the pseudonym Currer Bell, sends a manuscript of Jane Eyre to her publisher in London.

1869: Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York, patents the waffle iron.

1891: Thomas Edison files a patent for the motion picture camera.

1894: Congress passes the first graduated income tax law, which is declared unconstitutional the next year.

1912: By an act of Congress, Alaska is given a territorial legislature of two houses.

1942: In the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, the third carrier-versus-carrier battle of the war, U.S. naval forces defeat a Japanese force attempting to screen reinforcements for the Guadalcanal fighting.

1948: Edith Mae Irby becomes the first African-American student to attend the University of Arkansas.

1954: Congress outlaws the Communist Party in the United States.

1963: US State Department cables embassy in Saigon that if South Vietnam’s president Ngo Dinh Diem does not remove his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu as his political adviser the US would explore alternative leadership, setting the stage for a coup by ARVN generals.

1975: The principal leaders of Greece’s 1967 coup—Georgios Papadopoulos, Stylianos Pattakos, and Nikolaos Maarezos—sentenced to death for high treason, later commuted to life in prison.

1981: Mark David Chapman sentenced to 20 years to life for murdering former Beatles band member John Lennon.

1989: Baseball commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti bans Pete Rose from baseball for gambling.

1989: Colombian drug lords declare “total and absolute war” on Colombia’s government, booming the offices of two political parties and burning two politicians’ homes.

1991: Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as head of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union; Ukraine declares its independence from USSR.

1992: Hurricane Andrew makes landfall in Florida. The Category 5 storm, which had already caused extensive damage in the Bahamas, caused $26.5 billion in US damages, caused 65 deaths, and felled 70,000 acres of trees in the Everglades.

1994: Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) create initial accord regarding partial self-rule for Palestinians living on the West Bank, the Agreement on Preparatory Transfer of Powers and Responsibilities.

2004: Chechnyan suicide bombers blow up two airliners near Moscow, killing 89 passengers.

2006: Pluto is downgraded to a dwarf planet when the International Astronomical Union (IAU) redefines “planet.”

2010: The Mexican criminal syndicate Los Zetas kills 72 illegal immigrants from Central and South America in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

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