On Dec. 11, 1951, Joe DiMaggio announces his retirement from baseball.

Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

Dec. 11, 2011: As many as 85 civilian workers at Fort Drum may lose their jobs as the Army works to meet personnel reductions ordered by the Obama administration. The post’s public affairs office said Friday that voluntary departures and attrition have helped Drum come close to the goals prescribed by the Army but that the post’s total of 1,080 civilian workers is 85 greater than the end strength authorized in this year’s federal budget, when vacant positions are considered.

25 years ago

Dec. 11, 1996: Ice skating will be offered for the first time in the pavilion at Thompson Park, but it may mean an end to the traditional flooding of the Park Circle during Snowtown USA activities. City Manager Jerry C. Hiller said that flooding to create ice at Park Circle, just off State Street at the entrance to the park, is questionable since it is so close to the pavilion.

50 years ago

Dec. 11, 1971: Carthage Area Hospital experienced a three-hour loss of telephone service Thursday afternoon, but only one emergency was received during that period. That one call, however, was not an extreme emergency, and relayed by Carthage police, who drove to the Rescue Squad garage, adjacent to the hospital.

75 years ago

Dec. 11, 1946: The electric lights and conduits on the Memorial arch in the Gouverneur village park will be eliminated in the near future in order to restore the original appearance of the arch. The present conduits and lights were installed on the arch approximately 35 years ago only a few years after the arch had been completed.

100 years ago

Dec. 11, 1921: Announcement has been made that A. Barton Hepburn has set aside 1,000 shares of stock in the Chase National bank and the Chase Securities company, as an endowment fund for the hospital. The book value of the shares is $300,000. This is the largest single gift that Mr. Hepburn has given to the hospital and makes his contribution to that institution nearly a half million dollars.

125 years ago

Dec. 11, 1896: It is a good time now for those who are in the habit of seeking comfort and pleasure about the St. Lawrence river to take an interest in a movement that is being vigorously agitated by which it is proposed to establish an international park between this state and Canada along the shores and on the islands of the St. Lawrence. If the state does not step in and acquire some of the property it will not be long before all the property rights of the Thousand Islands will be held by individuals and corporations.

150 years ago

Dec. 11, 1871: Superintendent Williams, of the penitentiary, has entered into a contract with the authorities of Jefferson county to keep prisoners of that county at $1.50 per week board. This is the first arrangement of the kind in this quarter.

The world

1882: Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Iolanthe” at Boston’s Bijou Theatre becomes the first performance in a theatre lit by incandescent electric lights.

1951: Joe DiMaggio announces his retirement from baseball.

1964: Frank Sinatra, Jr., is returned home to his parents after being kidnapped for the ransom amount of $240,000.

1972: Challenger, the lunar lander for Apollo 17, touches down on the moon’s surface, the last time that men visit the moon.

1978: Massive demonstrations take place in Tehran against the shah.

2008: Bernard “Bernie” Madoff arrested and charged with securities fraud in what was called a $50-billion Ponzi scheme.

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