Members of the CUWS holding brushes in front of a large billboard in 1914, a year before the group testified at a congressional hearing to add an amendment for women’s right to vote to the U.S. Constitution. Wikipedia

Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

Dec. 16, 2011: The groundbreaking ceremony for the 296-unit Beaver Meadow Apartments gave state and local government officials the opportunity to show their commitment to Fort Drum and to filling the need for housing. Beaver Meadow will be built by COR Development Co., Fayetteville, on property south of Target in the Towne Center plaza. The project includes 60 units that will be supported by $2.4 million in tax credits for low- and moderate-income units through the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

25 years ago

Dec. 16, 1996: The 1st Brigade’s 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment is returning to Fort Drum at approximately 7:30 p.m. Tuesday after a four-month deployment to Panama. About 500 soldiers, mostly from the 1-87th, will fly to Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, then will be bused to Fort Drum. The soldiers filled in for a unit normally stationed in Panama that is not at full strength.

50 years ago

Dec. 16, 1971: A fair hearing concerning the Jefferson County Social Services Department refusal to authorize Medicaid coverage for Nutramigen baby formula needed for a city family opened at 9:15 this morning and lasted for about one hour. It may be several months before any decision is made on the case.

75 years ago

Dec. 16, 1946: Carthage stores, beginning today, will remain open each night until 9 for the convenience of Christmas shoppers, it was announced today. Gray’s Florist last week completed decorating the business section with greens and lights in a program sponsored by the chamber and the Carthage village.

100 years ago

Dec. 16, 1921: At the meeting of the Gouverneur village board Tuesday evening, arrangements were made for a community skating rink on the Oswegatchie river on the down river side of the Williams street bridge. The village scraper will be used to erect a snow bank around the rink. The enclosure within the snow bank will be probably be flooded from the nearby hydrant, which would hasten the formation of ice of the rink.

125 years ago

Dec. 16, 1896: The clothes line thief has commenced operations on the north side of the river. Last night the line of a Lynde street resident, which was filled with a row of fluttering garments when evening fell, was robbed of its entire load and nothing but the bare line remained this morning to tell the story.

150 years ago

Dec. 16, 1871: Mrs. M. E. Bedell of Philadelphia was robbed of $3,600 (nearly $80,000 in 2020, adjusted for inflation) on the R.W.&O. R.R. between Watertown and Richland on Wednesday evening, November 29th. She had just sold her farm and was on her way to Pennsylvania to visit her son. One thousand dollar reward offered for its recovery.

The world

1915: Members of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage (CU) testify at a congressional hearing to add an amendment for women’s right to vote.

1950: President Harry Truman declares a state of National Emergency as Chinese communists invade deeper into South Korea.

1976: President Jimmy Carter appoints Andrew Young as Ambassador to the United Nations.

1978: Cleveland becomes the first U.S. city to default since the depression.

1998: The United States launches a missile attack on Iraq for failing to comply with United Nations weapons inspectors.

2003: President George W. Bush signs the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which establishes the United States’ first national standards regarding email and gives the Federal Trade Commission authority to enforce the act.

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