The north

10 years ago

Dec. 20, 2010: It may have been the worst-kept secret in town, but the final papers were signed Monday morning and the sign in front of the Ford dealership at 260 E. Orvis St., Massena, now reads Frenchie’s Ford. The Coupal family — owners of Frenchie’s Chevrolet and Frenchie’s Selects — purchased the dealership property from Alan J. and Sharon McGrath for $375,000. It marked the completion of negotiations with the McGraths and Ford that have been taking place over the past seven months.

25 years ago

Dec. 20, 1995: Video games via cable TV may spread from Watertown to Carthage and St. Lawrence County by the end of 1996, and interactive games may be available within two years. For two months, Time Warner’s Cablesystems of Watertown has been providing the video game service, which about 300 of its 15,200 subscribers have picked up. Cablesystems picks up a satellite signal carrying data for 50 Sega video games and transmits it via cable into the homes of its subscribers who pay for the Sega channel.

50 years ago

Dec. 20, 1970: Persons wishing to provide gifts to people in Jefferson County Jail or Clinton State Prison are asked by the Council of Churches to bring their gifts unwrapped to their own church Sunday. This project is sponsored by the Council of Churches including both Protestant and Catholic churches of Jefferson county.

75 years ago

Dec. 20, 1945: The Lowville village board voted to buy a new Cleat-Track caterpillar type sidewalk snowplow to be delivered by Jan. 20. At the present time the village is using a sidewalk plow operated with horses.

100 years ago

Dec. 20, 1920: The ice companies in the city are getting their ice houses and ice cutting machinery in shape for the harvesting of ice which will supply Watertown during the warm summer months of 1921. Scrapers, sleds, cutting apparatus, elevators, etc. are each receiving attention and will be in order to begin work on the ice as soon as it is formed in the ice ponds.

125 years ago

Dec. 20, 1895: Dr. A. B. Stevens was in Utica yesterday making an examination of the hospitals of that city. Dr. Stevens is now house physician for the city hospital in Watertown and was looking up ideas for its improvement and supplying necessary facilities. The energetic movements of the new board of directors promises that sufficient funds will be forthcoming to carry out advanced ideas.

150 years ago

Dec. 20, 1870: The navigation has closed in the Wolfe Island Canal. It is frozen up — tight as a musket. The steamer Watertown makes her trips to Kingston around the Island.

The world

1802: The United States buys the Louisiana territory from France.

1860: South Carolina secedes from the Union.

1924: Adolf Hitler is released from prison after serving less than one year of a five year sentence for treason.

1933: The German government announces 400,000 citizens are to be sterilized because of hereditary defects.

1948: U.S. Supreme Court announces that it has no jurisdiction to hear the appeals of Japanese war criminals sentenced by the International Military Tribunal.

1963: Four thousand cross the Berlin Wall to visit relatives under a 17-day Christmas accord.

2007: Queen Elizabeth II becomes the oldest monarch in the history of the UK; previously, that honor belonged to Queen Victoria.

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