Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

Dec. 22, 2011: Today might be the first day of winter, but it sure doesn’t look like it. Snow spotters in Carthage have recorded 2 inches of snow so far this year. At this time last year, approximately 25 inches fell in just the first three weeks of December. North America is still affected by La Nina, in which a colder-than-normal Pacific Ocean produces the predominant weather patterns.

25 years ago

Dec. 22, 1996: A Hermon man is home for the holidays after spending nearly five months helping search the depths off Long Island for the remains of TWA Flight 800. Roger L. Zaunere, a self-employed oceanographic engineer, lives on Pond Road when not helping to plumb the depths of the world’s oceans. He said he expects to return to Long Island in early January to continue the search for clues to the July 17 disaster.

50 years ago

Dec. 22, 1971: Although schools in the Gouverneur Central School system are considered to be in excellent fire safety condition, several local businesses contain fire hazards, according to Bernard Tharrett, Gouverneur fire chief. He proposed to furnish the village board with a list of fire safety violations and suggested that violators be given a reasonable time to correct the condition.

75 years ago

Dec. 22, 1946: The local Salvation Army announced today that 176 families in Watertown and those areas of Jefferson county served by the local corps will receive their Christmas dinner through the army’s annual Christmas appeal. There are 871 persons involved in the Christmas dinner group. In addition, the local Salvation Army will distribute “sunshine baskets” to those persons confined in the Jefferson county home and jail.

100 years ago

Dec. 22, 1921: Nineteen pairs of silver foxes, ranging in price from $5,000 to $10,000 a pair, arrived in Adams on the 2:38 train from the south yesterday afternoon and were taken to the farm of the owner, Thomas G. Alvord, jr., of Henderson. The shipment is thought to be the most select and largest of high-class breeding foxes ever sent into the United States. The animals came from Prince Edward Island.

125 years ago

Dec. 22, 1896: It was announced some weeks ago that Mrs. Harriet Tubman, of Auburn, had given a tract of land nearly 100 acres in extent, for the purpose of establishing an industrial school for orphans and a home for the aged and infirm. Rev. John C. Temple, of Utica, is one of the directors.

150 years ago

Dec. 22, 1871: We haven’t any ill will against the teachers of our city schools, but we do wish education was compulsory with some of the dear little boys that make the Arcade so lively.

The world

1807: Congress passes the Embargo Act, which halts all trading completely. It is hoped that the act will keep the United States out of the European Wars.

1829: The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad opens the first passenger railway line.

1918: The last of the food restrictions, enforced because of the shortages during World War I, are lifted.

1944: During the Battle of the Bulge, General Anthony McAuliffe responds to a German surrender request with a one word answer: “Nuts!”

1945: The United States recognizes Tito’s government in Yugoslavia.

1966: The United States announces the allocation of 900,000 tons of grain to fight the famine in India.

1989: The Romanian government of Nicolae Ceausescu is overthrown, ending 42 years of communist rule.

1989: The division of East and West Germany effectively ends when the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin reopens for the first time in nearly 30 years.

1992: What became known as the Archives of Terror are discovered in a police station near the capital of Paraguay. The records detail tens of thousands of Latin Americans who had been secretly imprisoned, tortured and / or killed by the security services of several South American governments.

2001: A passenger on American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris, Richard Reid, unsuccessfully attempts to destroy the plane in flight by igniting explosives he’d hidden in his shoes.

2001: President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, takes over an interim government.

2008: Some 1.1 billion gallons of coal fly ash slurry flood part of Tennessee after an ash dike breaks at a solid waste containment area in Roane County, in the eastern part of the state.

2010: U.S. President Barack Obama signs a law officially repealing the 17-year-old policy known as “Don’t ask, don’t tell”; the new law permits homosexuals to serve openly in the U.S. military.

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