The north

10 years ago

Dec. 5, 2011: Several area school officials left Albany without guarantees they’ll get more state funding next year, but feeling positive they had the chance to educate state budget staff about the financial plight of north country school districts. Three school superintendents from St. Lawrence County and two from Jefferson County met Wednesday with members of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s budget staff. During two meetings they lobbied state officials to revise the formula used to distribute state aid funding, arguing that the existing system is inequitable because it hurts poorer districts more than wealthy districts.

25 years ago

Dec. 5, 1996: Despite continued complaints about pedestrian safety at the American Corner crosswalk on Public Square, city officials said Monday night the intersection is safe — if people follow directions. For several months, since a new traffic light system was installed, there have been several near misses at the intersection. Before the new signals, traffic stopped in both directions for a longer period than what is now allowed. The lights are designed to get traffic flowing faster through the Square.

50 years ago

Dec. 5, 1971: City police are investigating a hit-and-run accident in which a car being driven from the Jefferson Community College property left the road and struck the college’s entrance sign, inflicting an estimated $250 damage. Police said the accident knocked off one of the sign’s large letters and bent the rest.

75 years ago

Dec. 5, 1946: The two Longale brothers of Potsdam, Otto and Edward, who each lost a right leg in action during World War II, have been granted new 1946 Oldsmobiles by the government. The brothers are now equipped with artificial legs after several months of hospitalization.

100 years ago

Dec. 5, 1921: More than 800 residents of Watertown have had sand delivered to them for their sidewalks by the public works department since Monday morning. Throughout the week up to Wednesday the department was besieged with telephone communications asking for sand. It was impossible for the department to fill all of the orders the days that they were received.

125 years ago

Dec. 5, 1896: William McManus’ horse has taken the place of the fire department horse that was injured in the accident on Arsenal street a short time ago, and which is not yet fully recovered.

150 years ago

Dec. 5, 1871: The thermometer in the Arcade, near the post-office marked 21 below zero, this morning. Some benevolent person ought to take that poor thing in, when it’s so cold.

The world

1791: Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dies in Vienna.

1861: In the U.S. Congress, petitions and bills calling for the abolition of slavery are introduced.

1937: The Lindberghs arrive in New York on a holiday visit after a two-year voluntary exile.

1950: Pyongyang in Korea falls to the invading Chinese army.

1955: A bus boycott begins under the leadership of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., in Montgomery, Ala.

1978: The Soviet Union signs a 20-year friendship pact with Afghanistan.

1983: Military Junta dissolves in Argentina.

2006: Commodore Frank Bainimarama overthrows the government in Fiji.

2007: A gunman armed with a semi-automatic rifle kills 8 people at Westroads Mall, Omaha, Neb., before taking his own life.

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