The north

10 years ago

Jan. 24, 2011: It’s not quite back to normal at the downtown HSBC bank building, but just about all of the offices are back in business after thousands of gallons of water flooded four floors of the Washington Street building last week. Repair work at 220 Washington St. continued Monday. The Thursday night flood was caused when a pipe connected to a toilet in the fourth-floor women’s restroom burst, releasing water that saturated carpets and seeped through floors.

25 years ago

Jan. 24, 1996: Potsdam State University College officials have decided to close the school’s Star Lake campus for the rest of the winter because of the high cost of heating and maintaining it. The campus, which is usually used for physical education classes during weekends, is owned by PACES, the private, non-profit organization that runs auxiliary services, such as the bookstore and dining services, for Potsdam College. The campus will reopen in June.

50 years ago

Jan. 24, 1971: Have you still got your Christmas decorations up? The State Office building has. A tree, placed by construction workers at the site atop a service elevator, still waves in the breeze. The seven-foot tree has been loosened in its moorings by the wind and could possibly fall.

75 years ago

Jan. 24, 1946: A “personal plane that can be sold at a reasonable price” is the goal of the aviation industry, said Alfred Marchev, president of Republic Aviation Corporation, at the Syracuse Aviation Club last night. “The sky is not going to be black with airplanes,” he added, “but a lot more will be used than the majority of people realize.”

100 years ago

Jan. 24, 1921: Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Oderkirk of 1013 State street today received a photograph of the grave of their son Claude Oderkirk, a member of Company C, who was killed Sept. 29, 1918, when the 27th division broke the Hindenburg line. His body rests in a military cemetery in Northern France. He was the youngest member of the company, being but 17 years of age when he enlisted.

125 years ago

Jan. 24, 1896: The troops at Madison Barracks are busy gathering their ice crop for the coming summer. The ice, although somewhat light as yet, is of a superior quality this winter, being free from slush and impurities. Three ice houses will be filled, having an aggregate capacity of 350 tons of ice.

150 years ago

Jan. 24, 1871: The ‘Sports’ have been trying the speed of their horses on the ice in Henderson pond, which is every winter a favorite resort for this purpose.

The world

41: Shortly after declaring himself a god, Caligula is assassinated by two Praetorian tribunes.

1639: Representatives from three Connecticut towns band together to write the Fundamental Orders, the first constitution in the New World.

1722: Czar Peter the Great caps his reforms in Russia with the “Table of Rank” which decrees a commoner can climb on merit to the highest positions.

1848: Gold is discovered by James Wilson Marshall at his partner Johann August Sutter’s sawmill on the South Fork of the American River, near Coloma, Calif.

1903: U.S. Secretary of State John Hay and British Ambassador Herbert create a joint commission to establish the Alaskan border.

1911: U.S. Cavalry is sent to preserve the neutrality of the Rio Grande during the Mexican Civil War.

1931: The League of Nations rebukes Poland for the mistreatment of a German minority in Upper Silesia.

1965: Winston Churchill dies at the age of 90.

1980: In a rebuff to the Soviets, the U.S. announces intentions to sell arms to China.

1982: A draft of Air Force history reports that the U.S. secretly sprayed herbicides on Laos during the Vietnam War.

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