In 1914, Henry Ford announced he would pay his factory workers a minimum of $5 per day, more than doubling their wages. Wikipedia

Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

Jan. 5, 2012: The town of Potsdam has targeted the former New York State United Teachers building as an ideal location for its temporary town hall. Board members gave Supervisor Marie C. Regan the OK Wednesday to sign a one-year lease for the 12 Elm St. building pending a closer look at its telephone and computer hookups. The relocation is necessary because of the pending overhaul of the interior of the 35 Market St. building that will turn the 150-year-old structure into a permanent courthouse.

25 years ago

Jan. 5, 1997: Eight new employees begin work Monday at General Motors Powertrain as the plant gears up production of aluminum and iron parts and installs a line for Saturn Innovate engine components. The new employees follow 10 job additions during the past few weeks and are part of a 43-worker increase planned this winter. Full production of the new Saturn cylinder blocks is expected to start by late 1998.

50 years ago

Jan. 5, 1972: Demonstrations of skiing on a 35-foot long, 12-foot high, portable indoor slope will be the highlight of the Ski Show, slated for Feb. 4 in conjunction with Gouverneur’s first annual winter carnival. Professional skiers from Snow Ridge, Turin, will present a free lecture and demonstration in the gymnasium of St. James Parochial School.

75 years ago

Jan. 5, 1947: Snow fighters in the town of Alexandria fought a losing battle against a storm of nearly 42 hours which deposited a total of 15 inches of snow on the level Friday. The four snow plows in the township battled all day Friday to keep just the main arteries of traffic open. The snow drifted in as fast as the plows passed through.

100 years ago

Jan. 5, 1922: Plans for the opening of the skating rink at the City hospital for the nurses, have been temporarily abandoned. A leak has been found in the water main leading from the center of Washington Street to the maternity building. The tennis court which was being flooded for the ice rink, will be torn up almost in the center to fix the main.

125 years ago

Jan. 5, 1897: “Miss Philadelphia” will be the attraction at the City opera house, Thursday, Jan. 7. One of the features of the production is the lady orchestra that accompanies the organization on its tour. It consists of 14 talented young lady musicians.

150 years ago

Jan. 5, 1872: “Thomas Jefferson” is the name of a Clayton dog, of greyhound, Newfoundland extraction, 18 months old, and weighing 143½ pounds. He has established himself as a peacemaker among the genus canis in that place. Whenever he sees a dog fight progressing, he pounces upon the combatants, and they scatter instanter. “Thomas” is said to be the largest dog in this county.

The world

1815: Federalists from all over New England, angered over the War of 1812, draw up the Hartford Convention, demanding several important changes in the U.S. Constitution.

1914: Henry Ford astounds the world as he announces that he will pay a minimum wage of $5 a day and will share with employees $10 million in the previous year’s profits.

1952: Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrives in Washington to confer with President Harry S. Truman.

1971: President Richard M. Nixon names Robert Dole as chairman of the Republican National Party.

1979: Ohio officials approve an out-of-court settlement awarding $675,000 to the victims and families in the 1970 shootings at Kent State University, in which four students were killed and nine wounded by National Guard troops.

1982: A Federal judge voids a state law requiring balanced classroom treatment of evolution and creationism.

1991: The South Ossetia War (1991-92) begins as Georgian forces enter Tskhinvali, capital of South Ossetia, Georgia.

2005: Eris, largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System is discovered in images taken Oct. 21, 2003, at Palomar Observatory.

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