The north

10 years ago

July 18, 2011: The Cape Vincent Local Development Corp. is seeking public input to create a development plan to revitalize the Club Street area near the ferry dock, a key section of downtown and a gateway into the U.S. side of the Thousand Islands. The local development corporation is spending about $40,000 to develop the plan — with a majority of the funding coming from the Department of State’s Environmental Protection Fund — in hopes that it will help the village secure grants for revitalization work in following years.

25 years ago

July 18, 1996: When SportsChannel’s “Rush Hour on DIRT” comes to the Can-Am International Speedway in LaFargeville on Thursday, it will mark the first live national broadcast of a sporting event in Northern New York since the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Thursday’s Budweiser at the Border 75-lap modified Skoal race marks the fourth in a series of 10 DIRT Motorsports events that will be aired live from 9-10 p.m. on SportsChannel.

50 years ago

July 18, 1971: “The Pentagon Papers” are selling in Watertown, but “there’s no landslide yet,” Robinson’s Bookstore said Friday. Bantam Books’ 677-page reprint of the controversial New York Times articles went on sale Thursday afternoon. By Friday afternoon, “15 or 20 copies” had been sold. The book was prominently displayed in the store window and at the sales counter.

75 years ago

July 18, 1946: The six cent ice cream cone has arrived in Watertown, accompanied by a general price increase in bulk and packaged ice cream, a survey revealed this morning. Children and others throughout the city found that a nickel would no longer buy a scoop of ice cream, whether “leveled” or not, in many neighborhood stores.

100 years ago

July 18, 1921: A brush fire, which burned for about three hours, threatened the cottages on Paradise park, Henderson harbor, Sunday morning and it was only through the valiant efforts of the Henderson fire department that the cottages were saved. There are 16 or 18 cottages on Paradise Park.

125 years ago

July 18, 1896: It is reported along the river that the Prince of Wales will visit the Thousand Islands some time during the latter part of August. It is an open secret that the prince is expected in Canada in the interest of some personal business matters. He will undoubtedly be accompanied by his son, the Duke of York.

150 years ago

July 18, 1871: The event of to-day is the excursion of the S.M.O.S. “League of Friendship.” A fine day it is for the ride down the St. Lawrence, and if a delightful trip is not the result, we cannot well tell the cause. The Davis Sewing Machine Band will furnish music for the happy party, which may be expected in town about midnight to-night from Odgensburg.

The world

1789: Robespierre, a deputy from Arras, France, decides to back the French Revolution.

1812: Great Britain signs the Treaty of Orebro, making peace with Russia and Sweden.

1830: Uruguay adopts a liberal constitution.

1861: Union and Confederate troops skirmish at Blackburn’s Ford, Virginia, in a prelude to the Battle of Bull Run.

1872: The Ballot Act is passed in Great Britain, providing for secret election ballots.

1877: Inventor Thomas Edison records the human voice for the first time.

1935: Ethiopian King Haile Selassie urges his countrymen to fight to the last man against the invading Italian army.

1936: General Francisco Franco of Spain revolts against the Republican government, starting the Spanish Civil War.

1942: The German Me-262, the first jet-propelled aircraft to fly in combat, makes its first flight.

1971: New Zealand and Australia announce they will pull their troops out of Vietnam.

1994: In Buenos Aires, a massive car bomb kills 96 people.

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