In 1939 Frank Sinatra records his first song, “From the Bottom of My Heart,” with the Harry James Band.

Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

July 13, 2009: After being closed for more than a month, the Seaway International Bridge will reopen at 6 a.m. today. Canadian officials plan to open a temporary border checkpoint at the base of the north span of the bridge in the city of Cornwall, Ontario. The border guards will be armed. The bridge has been closed for more than a month because of protests from the Akwesasne Mohawk tribe over the plan to arm Canadian border guards.

25 years ago

July 13, 1994: Plans are under way for construction of a 20,000-square-foot building in the Massena Industrial Park. The Massena Economic Development Council is seeking help from the St. Lawrence County Office of Economic Development to put up the building. The MEDC has a client interested in leasing at least part of the building.

50 years ago

July 13, 1969: Watertown’s new $826,000 Court-Arsenal street municipal parking deck was streaking towards completion today as blacktopping of the lower deck, access roads, a portion of the surface parking area and the double-deck top was continuing. The new parking deck was built almost entirely with city money which would have otherwise gone to the federal government as Watertown’s 12 1/2 per cent share of the cost of urban renewal property acquisition and site preparation.

75 years ago

July 13, 1944: The municipal airport at Dexter, under re-construction for the past two years at an estimated government expenditure of $1,500,000 will be practically completed in two or three weeks and will be formally opened by Aug. 1 as a class IV field — one of five such airports in New York State.

100 years ago

July 13, 1919: Canton is passing through another sugar famine. This time, however, it is not due to a general shortage, as in war times, but to a lack of transportation facilities.

125 years ago

July 13, 1894: Thus far this week the amount of farm produce brought into market has been exceedingly small. The reason is not far to seek. The farmers are very busy gathering their hay crop and begrudge any time to leave home.

150 years ago

July 13, 1869: The undersigned desire to return their sincere thanks to the friends, who rendered efficient aid in the case of our son, who fell from a tree during the Sabbath School Picnic at Chaumont yesterday and shall ever feel under lasting obligations for such kindness. In this providential escape from death we hold the hand of the Father of us all for whose mercies out hearts go out to in gratitude. Lorenzo West and Hariet E. West

The world

1099: The Crusaders launch their final assault on Jerusalem.

1534: Ottoman armies capture Tabriz in northwestern Persia.

1558: Led by the Count of Egmont, the Spanish army defeats the French at Gravelines, France.

1585: A group of 108 English colonists, led by Sir Richard Grenville, reaches Roanoke Island, North Carolina.

1643: In England, the Roundheads, led by Sir William Waller, are defeated by Royalist troops under Lord Wilmot in the Battle of Roundway Down.

1754: George Washington surrenders Fort Necessity to the French, leaving them in control of the Ohio Valley.

1787: Congress, under the Articles of Confederation, enacts the Northwest Ordinance, establishing rules for governing the Northwest Territory, for admitting new states to the Union and limiting the expansion of slavery.

1798: English poet William Wordsworth visits the ruins of Tintern Abbey.

1832: Henry Schoolcraft discovers the source of the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

1862: Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest defeats a Union army at Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

1863: Opponents of the draft begin three days of rioting in New York City.

1866: The Great Eastern begins a two week voyage to complete a 12-year effort to lay telegraph cable across the Atlantic between Britain and the United States.

1878: The Congress of Berlin divides the Balkans among European powers.

1939: Frank Sinatra records his first song, “From the Bottom of My Heart,” with the Harry James Band.

1941: Britain and the Soviet Union sign a mutual aid pact, providing the means for Britain to send war materiel to the Soviet Union.

1954: In Geneva, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China and France reach an accord on Indochina, dividing Vietnam into two countries, North and South, along the 17th parallel.

1971: The Army of Morocco executes 10 leaders accused of leading a revolt.

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